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Build Habits and Rituals For Your Mind, Body and Soul, Using the Clear Vision Framework, Episode 25

You know you want to make a bigger impact in your life, and the lives of others, but the problem is you’re already overwhelmed and burnout with how life is going. You desire more energy and focus to create a life and professional and personal brand. In this episode I share how to create Micro, Macro and Massive habits and rituals, to set you up for your most abundant 2022, and my biggest takeaways from the top two books about building habits.



Join me for this 5-part series to create Your Brightest Year using my Clear Vision Framework. This is the exact framework I take my clients through to reinvent their personal and professional lives and learn how to take their clear vision from concept to launch.



Welcome back. I am, as always, so honored that we’re spending time together today. We’re going to dive right in to what old habits need to disappear and what new habits need to be created to make twenty twenty two a stellar year of abundance. In this episode, we’re going to use mindset thinking to reveal what has held you back and how to make room for a fabulous new habits. This is part three in a five part series to create your brightest year using my clear vision framework. This is the exact framework that I take my one on one clients through to reinvent their personal or professional life and learn how to take an idea from concept all the way through to launch. Before we start, as always, I want to share with you a review that came in from Julie Venditti. She is an art director at Some Up. And she and I worked together.

She says working with Lisa was amazing from session one. Her calm, positive and friendly approach creates a space where you’ll feel super comfortable to open up and share. Lisa has a simple and practical process that really got to the bottom of things that were blocking me to move forward and achieve my goals. I now not only feel more positive and excited about the future, but also have a great set of tools to find purpose and pull me away from falling into old patterns. I definitely recommend Lisa if you are in a moment where you need clarity and direction. Thank you, Julie. I really appreciate it. What I most am present to you about Julie is that when she and I first started to work together, she was based in London, and when we completed working together about six months later, she had moved to Berlin and it wasn’t even in the Palais, and it wasn’t even in the future vision. But that’s the way things work out sometimes, and it was just a real joy and honor to see her clear vision come to life. And you know, I always appreciate the five bright stars and would love to read your review on the podcast next week. If you’re feeling called to write one and remember to hit the Subscribe button so we can spend some time together next week on the podcast, too.

So, as I mentioned, this is part three in the five part series called Your Brightest Year, and you can download the Clear Vision Framework Guide on my website at Be Bright Lisa Forward Slash Clear Vision Twenty twenty two and in this clear vision framework guide, you are going to get all of the details, research, insights, questions, journaling prompts, book recommendations from all five sessions. All right, so it is a must have. In fact, if you download it this week, you’re probably going to get a sneak peek at the next few sessions. So pop on over there and get that b brightly sitcom forward slash clear vision. Twenty twenty two. All right, in part one of our series, I interviewed my client, Jody LaVoy, who was inspired to reinvent her life after attending this very same workshop series, going through the clear vision framework that was episode twenty three, an episode twenty four, I talked about how do you actually create dream up? Think, make real your clear vision. And in this stage, many of my clients know they want to create something new. But their vision is fuzzy, and they feel unsure of what their next step may be, which you might be at that phase right now. Maybe you’re spinning with ideas, but you don’t have a clear path forward. I would recommend popping back to that episode and following along to some of the best questions I have as it relates to starting to get a handle on your clear vision.

When I work with my one on one clients, I one hundred percent go a lot, lot deeper in their clear vision. In fact, it’s probably like a two or three week moment, and I’m trying to wrap it into a tidy little episode. So just know that. Be gentle with yourself as you’re moving through this phase. Ok. Things are blurry, but they are going to become more clear over time. So today, in part three, we are going to look at your habits. Sometimes habits is a dirty word. A word that many of my clients actually like is ritual, right? So find a word that works best for you. Habit sometimes has the connotation that it’s something we have to do, which our ego is going to resist. Instead, think of it as a ritual to support your future self. That might help. So in this phase of the clear vision framework, many of my clients also know they want to make a bigger impact in their lives and in the lives of others. But the problem is that they’re already overwhelmed and often burnt out with how life is going. They desire more energy and focus to create that life and create that vision, build their personal or professional brand, but don’t know how to do it, or basically how to get out of their head and get into the present moment.

So today we’re going to take a look at two bright book recommendations and my top takeaways from those books, as well as my holistic life strategy that is going to help you add your top three habits that are going to make twenty twenty two a year of abundance and clarity for you. As we’re diving in, let’s take this moment to get centered and to be here now. So take a deep inhale and exhale with me wherever you are. Maybe you’re in your car going on a walk. Cooking dinner, working out, I want you to be present for yourself. Now. Shake out any energy that’s not serving you. Get the blood flowing into your fingers, maybe wiggle your toes, just get present to your body and all of the strength and vitality that it gives you each and every day. You are making a conscious choice. To create your future self now. I want you to be in the higher energy and vibration of that future moment, thank yourself. Thank yourself for taking this hour to be with me. And to create that future for you. All right, ready to dive in. Let me first share with you why people fail. Why do people fail at creating habits and rituals? And here’s the top two reasons, the first one is you don’t believe in yourself.

You don’t actually believe that you can create that future vision. Or you’re afraid? Well, I’m afraid it’s not going to work. I’m afraid I’m going to fail, so we spend a lot of time fighting that fear versus just moving forward. And when you fight the fear and you waste the time, you are in fact making it inevitable that you’re going to fail. Do you see that that loop? Yeah. So instead, I want you to notice that habits build up over time. That’s the simple truth of it. There are micro, macro and massive habits. I’m going to share with you each one of those in just a moment. But listen up if you spend five minutes a day meditating. Every day for one year. You will have spent 30 hours on you. And guess what, you are worth it. You are your biggest asset, your mindset is one hundred percent worth five minutes a day. 30 hours at the end of the year. That’s fantastic news. And I know you can do this. Here’s why you have already created habits this year that you might not even be aware of. Ok. We have all learned the habit of remembering to take a mask with us when we’re going into a public place, or I have the habit of putting on hand sanitizer every time I get into the car.

I have got the biggest bottle of hand sanitizer in my car. I give a squirt to myself and one to each kid or whomever is joining me in the car. These are habits and rituals that we’ve learned over time. I know when I get into the car, I use hand sanitizer. Boom. I want you to start to think, what is one habit or ritual that if you did consistently? Would make a huge difference in your life and career in twenty twenty two. What is one, just one habit or ritual that’s going to make the biggest difference for you? Maybe it’s getting better sleep. Or working out? Maybe it’s a five minute meditation. Maybe it’s stopping that negative loop of arguing with yourself. I want to share with you a story this week, so I didn’t want to wake up at six a.m. to write my book, but I did. Every weekday, I have an intention to wake up at 6:00 a.m. and write my book, I didn’t want to today, but I did then I didn’t want to go to the gym at 8:30 a.m. for my Zumba class, but I did. Why? Because my future self needs it. She needs me to generate the words on the page. She needs me to generate the energy that a workout will give me, and she needs the help of my present self to create her future.

Now. In our last session, we looked at your Hallelujah moment, right? Those feelings that you will feel as you are creating and completing and manifesting your clear vision. These are feelings of how you can take responsibility for yourself in the present moment. Your Hallelujah moment and how you want to feel may embody joy, self trust worthiness. Empowerment, whatever those feelings are, those can become habits. And here’s why. Feelings are the result of your habits. Let me say that again. Feelings are the result of your habits. Many clients come to me and they say, Oh, I just can’t focus, I just can’t focus. Focus is the result of a habit. Right? How you want to feel is the results of your habits. You want to focus and have calm, cool clarity. Five minutes of meditation a day. Try it out. It’s a micro step, but it’s a step in the right direction. And as I said it, time and time again, your future self can’t be trusted. Sorry. Nope. We have got to get ahead of ourselves by planning how we want to feel and set an intention for each and every moment of your day. I am a big Abraham Hicks fan. Abraham Hicks is, in essence, the godparent of law of Attraction, and they call this idea of setting an intention for each moment of your day segment intending.

So the concept here is if you focus your attention on intention, so simply be more attentive to where you’re putting your attention. And one way to do this is to use AM statements, and this is reflective because your point of attraction where you’re putting your attention is where your mind wanders to is where your energy flows. And it’s an alert to your subconscious that, Oh, we’re doing this thing now, this is how I’m being. So if you use positive IM statements such as I am clear, I am present, I am OK. You can receive that energy. It’s going to literally call your nervous system, and I know many athletes who do this, you might know that not know this fun fact about me, but instead of watching the morning news, I honestly prefer watching ESPN. I maybe spend way too much time watching ESPN, particularly during football season. Athletes focus on the outcome and then they practice to achieve it. And fun fact, they all have coaches and their coaches have coaches, and they have specialty coaches to focus on the outcome and then simply practice to achieve it. And here’s why that matters. There are thirty two teams in the NFL and each team has fifty three players on each team at the beginning of each season. Every single player believes in their heart and soul, they’re going to win the Super Bowl this year.

This is their year. They’re going to win the Super Bowl and then they act as if they practice day in and day out. It’s their full time job, obviously. But their mindset matches their intention. Ok. And you might be thinking, You know what? Good luck with that, Lisa. Mm hmm. I am just not that focused. Ok. Notice if that popped up for you. Notice, if any cynicism popped up for you. Well, oh my God, I am not a professional football player, Lisa. Just notice that you’re practicing at whatever level of energy popped up for you. And I want to invite you to stop arguing with yourself.


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Let’s dive into my bright book recommendation and my biggest takeaways from Brendan Broussard’s book I’ve got it right here. High performance habits, how extraordinary people become that way. By Brendan Bouchard. In this book, you are going to learn the six habits based on one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers that moves the needle in the biggest way to help you succeed. It’s also going to share with you the habits that can help you achieve long term success, vibrant well-being, no matter your age, your career, your strengths or your personality. And finally, the art and science of how to actually practice these proven habits. I found this book invaluable. And so you might be thinking, OK, so what are those six habits? Lisa, let me tell you. Number one is clarity. Not surprising, right, that’s what we’re focused on focusing on this entire series to create your brightest year is my clear vision framework. Clarity is number one, energy necessity, productivity, influence and courage. Now I may actually switch out one of these. I didn’t resonate so much with necessity. There was a lot of perfectionism in that for me. Instead, I would replace that with creativity, creativity and energy kind of play in the same realm for me. But then again, I didn’t conduct one of the largest surveys ever on high performers.

So needless to say, this book is still absolutely worth it. So some of my biggest takeaways and I’ve reorganised this to match what works best for my clients. So I am a big believer in creating habits or rituals using three methods. Macro, micro and massive. So a macro habit or ritual is simply a daily intention. And I’ve got five questions to help you set a daily intention. I’ll share in just a sec. Macro habits are rituals are weekly or monthly rituals and intentions, massive habits are rituals are when you can level up, it’s the next level. So let’s start with micro habits and rituals. Here are five questions that can help you set a daily intention. And you can find these questions in that downloadable guide on my website. The first question is, what’s one thing, just one that you can get excited about today? So what this does is it sets an intention for excitement in your day, something to look forward to. All right. Oftentimes people wake up and they’re like, Oh my God, I got to take the train and go to work today and it’s already raining, right? They’ve already got a list of all the things that are going to happen to them today because it’s raining. Instead, this restructures your mindset to excitement and something to look forward to. Question number two, what’s one word I could use to describe who I want to be today? You, my friend, already have three of these words, if you created the act as if now a moment between today and your Hallelujah moment, those three ways of being our ways to describe how you would want to be today.

Question number three, what’s one thing that may stress me out today? Just one. We don’t need five. I don’t want to hear five, I just want one. Ok, maybe it’s the rain. Maybe it’s pouring rain and that’s going to stress me out because of my hair and everybody’s going to be late in traffic. Let’s pause, pause for a moment and ask ourselves the next question. How would my highest self deal with that? Well, in my case, my highest self would definitely get an umbrella. Or you know what my highest self would simply. Proceed. Probably put on a pit bull song or something like that and then proceed. The final question. To ask yourself to set a daily intention is what ritual does my highest self need right now? This is just a moment for you to check in, maybe with your body or your mind or your soul and just nourish yourself. And more often than not, what my highest self needs is either a deep inhale and exhale. Or a song? Songs for me are my go to to shift my energy. So that is an example of how to set a daily intention, which is a micro habit or ritual practice. So macro, a macro practice, our weekly and monthly rituals and intentions.

So I have got a one week challenge for you one week. You can do anything for one week, and this is not that hard. Ok. Sleep eight hours a night for one week. Drink two litres of water a day. Get some vitamin D, you can do that in supplement format. You can go take your beautiful face outside and get some sunshine. I want you to minimize your sugar intake. Now, notice I didn’t say cut sugar out completely. We’re just minimizing it. We’re going to be aware of it. Read for 30 minutes a day, fiction non fiction doesn’t matter. It’s just a way to release stress. This one, you may be like, Ooh, Lisa, I don’t know. Work out three times this week, three times. It could even just be going for a walk. It could be doing crunches on your floor in between meetings. It could be going to a yoga class, Zumba class, whatever it is for you. Eat fruit, veggies and greens every day. I get my biggest hit of Greens in the morning in my smoothie. It’s like I ate a salad, but it’s in smoothie flavor with lemon and vanilla. And then the last macro intention for this one week challenge. And remember, all of these are going to be in that guy that you can download is to meditate for five minutes a day. That’s it. So five times seven is thirty five.

You will have meditated for thirty five minutes by the end of the week, OK? All of these are doable. I work with my clients so much on just foundational work, foundational work to set a level clear playing field for them to up level from. And this one week challenge is a beautiful way just to get back to basics. Ok. Massive habits and rituals. Ok. You’re going to actually be like, OK, cool, awesome, because you know what, you’re not quite ready for this step yet. Massive habits and rituals happen after you are able to create and maintain micro and macro habits. So I work with my clients on massive habits and rituals after I have been working with them at least one or two months. All right. So you’re off the hook on that one for now. Ok, for now. My second book, I want to recommend on habits, and I’m going to share with you my biggest takeaways from it is the seven habits of highly effective people. Now I have this book, I’ve skimmed it, I’ve highlighted parts of it. It wasn’t a deep dive for me. It wasn’t really my language or vibe. But there are four habits that I think are really beneficial for this phase in your clear visioning framework. So Stephen Covey, the author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, said. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. Do you hear that you need to schedule your priorities if you are truly prioritizing your clear vision and your macro and micro habits and rituals, then you need to schedule it? So Stephen goes on to say he believes that the way the world works is based through our own lens, right? Rose colored glasses, for example.

And in order to change any given situation, we must change the lens. That we see through in order to do that, we must be able to change ourselves. So I am actually going to share with you quickly four of the habits that he highlights and two of them you already know, you already know these from our previous work together on episodes twenty three and twenty four. Habit number one is to be proactive, not to be reactive. And this goes into using your language. So notice there’s always those people who say, Oh, there’s nothing I can do about this, or Oh, that’s just the way I am, right? Reactive people think that the problem is always out there, but that thought itself is the problem. Reactivity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and reactive people feel increasingly victimized and out of control. It keeps you in a spiraling loop. So I want you to take radical responsibility over your thoughts. You can change something like, oh, there’s nothing I can do about that. To an I am statement, I am in control of my actions. And then you can ask yourself, what’s one thing I can do right now? Just one thing more than likely is to take a deep breath.

Habit number two that Stephen Covey points out is to start with the end in mind, and we already did this last session right with what are you learning loving and launching? If you start with the end clear vision in mind and work your way backwards to create or to start with just baby steps, macro steps. And then move forward. And so this is why I always recommend just to do one thing at a time, like last episode, I said. Share, share what you are learning, loving and launching with someone. Find an accountability partner. Let me know, right? One step at a time. Habit number three is called first things first. First things first, what I take this away as is to organize in order to create focus, you need to act in accordance with those future feelings from that Hallelujah moment and set an intention for your day. And in that downloadable guide, you are going to find my four by four schedule. This four by four schedule is a game changer. It’s going to set you up for success in your day with just your top four things to do personally, professionally, and it’s going to be able to help you set and keep your intentions OK. You can find a copy of that four by four schedule in the downloadable guide. And so I know I skipped. Let’s see. I shared with you.

Habits one, two and three from his book, and now I’m skipping all the way to seven because this was my biggest takeaway habit. Seven. He used the language Sharpen your knife, and I don’t really resonate with that language quite so much. But what he really means is focus on the four areas of personal renewal. Of your macro and micro moments in these four areas. Physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual. I’m going to tighten that up a little bit for you, and I’m going to share with you what I do to help my clients expand their energy or sharpen their knife, as he says. What we do is we create a holistic life strategy. And so this embraces who you’re becoming and all of the interconnected parts that will help you elevate and expand three specific areas your mind, body and soul in support of your clear vision. So once again, we’re heading back to last episode that Hallelujah moment and the three ways of being to create that feeling now. And here are three ways to focus on creating the micro and macro habits. In your mind, body and soul, so as you are listening to what I’m about to share with you. Start to think of one habit or ritual in each category that you could add. Just a micro habit, or maybe a macro habit. Daily, weekly or monthly. All right. We’re just taking a step forward, so your mind. So this is really an opportunity to take a look at your intellectual growth.

Where you can make conscious choices. You could be more mindful. You could be more socially conscious. How can you embody a growth mindset? Maybe a habit or ritual you choose for your mind would be to meditate. Maybe another opportunity would be to do some yoga. Create a playlist. Get those eight hours of sleep. I know I’ve said it before on the podcast, but when you get to our seven point five of sleeping, that is when your brain in essence goes through beta-amyloid car wash and washes out the toxins that have been sitting in your brain from the previous day. If you do not get at least seven point five to eight hours of sleep, you are literally operating on top of the toxins from the previous day. Ok. Sleep, it’s going to radically transform your mindset. You could also practice the I Am statements that I talked about earlier. All right, next, category your body, so this represents your physical growth, your self care, self care is the practice of self-love. Energy creation, nourishment, sleep can go in this category as well. What is a macro or micro habit or ritual that you could take on that is going to make all the difference in your body in twenty twenty two? It may be as simple as remembering to take your vitamins every day. It makes a big, big difference in the foundation of who you are being.

All right, then finally, your soul. This represents spiritual growth. How can you spiritually grow and prosper in twenty twenty two? What habits and rituals are going to support your spiritual growth? So this represents faith, love, connection to spirit and others. Self-awareness, self trust. I mean, I could go long and deep on this one. Think of one action habit or ritual that you could take on for your spiritual growth. Maybe it’s reading more often. Maybe it’s finding a community connecting with a friend. Pulling tarot cards. Whatever it is for you, and if you’re thinking I’m still not sure how I can up level my habits in my mind, body and soul. A great way to gather some more ideas is to look at somebody who you admire, somebody who you’re like, Dang, they are killing it. What are they doing? What are they drinking in the morning? Start to take a look at what values and habits that person embodies and mimic it. Right, success leaves clues. This is why Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book about sleep. Ok, now finally, I want to invite you to do that one week challenge, right? We’re drinking water. We’re getting eight hours of sleep, meditating five minutes a day. All of that list will be in the downloadable guide, which you can get that and all of the clear vision framework.. And I want to invite you to join me next week.

Next week we are heading into part four where we launch. All right. So now that you have carved out your creative path forward, your clear vision of what you are learning, loving and launching, you have gotten rid of what habits no longer serve you. What mindsets no longer serve you? You have started to embody the macro and micro habits and rituals that are going to support you. You’re ready to create a launch plan. So in this episode next week, I’m going to share how to set real deadlines. The tools and strategies that you need to make your creative vision come to life. And remember, join me all month long on Instagram.