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My biggest breakthrough as a professional woman, Episode 13

I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at my 4 biggest breakthroughs since 2016, from how I reinvented my relationship to motherhood and how to build a profitable business, I cover it all.


In a coaching relationship, and doing self-awareness work, breakthroughs are when you have broken up with the idea that how you’ve “done life” isn’t working. It’s not creating the results you desire. So, you have a choice: to keep banging your head against the wall, or reinvent. And that’s the business we are in—personal and professional reinvention to create the life you desire!

Here we go:

Breakthrough #1: Relearning what it means to be a professional woman on my own terms

Breakthrough #2: How to self-forgive and move forward without the rumination

Breakthrough #3: What I value as a mother (fun and creativity anyone?)

Breakthrough #4:  How to create a profitable business that works for my lifestyle.

divine feminine and divine masculine aligned

Hang on to the end because I’m doing my first “Ask me anything!” Q/A, answering questions that came through my DM’s and on my website. If you have a question you’d like answered on the pod, pop over here and let me know.



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