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From confusion to clarity: Why is a personal brand important?

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Spoiler: Social media isn’t your personal brand.

Personal Branding is a Mindset.

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Do you find yourself wondering why personal branding is important? Do I really need one? 


Picture this: You want your personality and reputation to not just stand out but to truly resonate with the people you’re here to serve. It’s not just about making an impact; or being an influencer, or god-forbid, look like you are bragging!

No, you want your personal brand to align seamlessly with your lifestyle, meaning you aren’t spending tons of hours on social media, not knowing what to say, instead, you want your brand to work for your future goals and dreams.

So, how do you make your mark without wasting your time or energy? Enter the magic of having a clear vision for your personal brand. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about stepping away from the crowd, leaving the overwhelm behind. It’s about proudly declaring your clear brand values and letting them echo for all to hear!

When you have a clear vision for your personal brand, something incredible happens. You gain clarity, motivation, drive, energy, and a world of possibilities. It’s like having a personal brand blueprint for your journey, a blueprint dedicated to making a deep impact because you know exactly who you are and how to build it. With a successful personal brand vision, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve had the honor of working with over 60 companies and countless one-on-one clients, unveiling a simple yet little-known secret to building purposeful personal brands.

From confusion to clarity: Why is a personal brand important?
Your Personal Brand is your Personal Business

Your personal brand is your personal business.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Why is having a personal brand so important? First things first, let’s debunk the myth that a brand is all about visuals, logos, and cleverly designed websites. While these elements play a role, the real deal is your mindset— it’s about who you are being, not just what you are doing.

Let’s swap out the term “personal brand commitment” or “personal brand mission statement” for something warmer and more relatable. Let’s call it a “clear vision for your brand.” This daily declaration aligns with who you are and the impact you want to make in the world. It shapes your brand experience and sets the stage for your future career or business goals.

When you’re committed to a clear vision for your personal brand, it shows in everything you do. It becomes a part of you, influencing how you move through the world—something that can be seen, felt, heard, and shared.

Here’s a fun exercise for you to try today: Ask yourself about the impact you want to have and who you aspire to be. Think of 10 movers and shakers who inspire you—people like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Amy Porterfield or Reese Witherspoon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know them personally; it’s about their values and impact. This will guide you to discover what values you align with and the kind of impact you want to make, no matter how big or small.

Living your clear vision for your personal brand becomes your true north and reason for being. Without it, you might find yourself going in circles, following trends, and getting lost in analysis paralysis. On the flip side, authentically communicating your vision on social media positively impacts your business, and career, leading to exponential growth.

You may be thinking, “Do I need a personal brand if I am a small business owner?”

100%, and here’s why: people hire people. People what to get to know, like and trust you, and see that your clear values align to theirs. 

Take my client Jenny, for example. Without a clear vision for her personal brand, she was drowning in overwhelm at her graphic design studio. But after working together, she found focus, simplified her client process, and watched inquiries flood in. Then there’s Maura, who expanded her doula agency and started a midwifery practice in New York, all thanks to a clear vision, defined market, and specific goals.

You might be thinking personal branding can wait until you secure clients or that new job. But the truth is, your clear vision for your personal brand is what attracts your ideal clients—the ones thrilled to pay top dollar for your services—and the job that aligns with your highest and best self.

If you’re worried that building a personal brand is hard work or takes too much time, let’s break down those barriers. A clear vision for your personal brand gives you accountability and direction, making you the leader of your business and career. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about defining what is right for you, and owning your space so that you can create the future you most desire.

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