Is branding a must in your business?

Is branding a must in your business? Is personal branding a trend or here to stay? I reached out to successful women entrepreneurs to get their advice, and here’s why: these ladies have nailed their brand commitment.

You look anywhere on social, in their business or clientele and you can literally see who they are and what they stand for.

Knowing and growing your personal and professional brand is a must and we’ll show you how these women have narrowed down their brands and I’ve got a series of free videos to share at the end of this post.

Last week Nicole Vasquez of Deskpass stated the obvious, but so overlooked: “Personal branding is a must. Social media is FREE.” (head slap moment).

Your professional and personal brand are what pulls your audience to you and your business. Your brand is what builds an exclusive tribe of clients and fun ones at that!

I recently shared advice from successful women entrepreneurs and what they are committed to creating in their business, and today we are talking to more industry leaders: an outlandish cake designer, a business strategist, and a spiritual leader.

A BIG thank you goes out everyone that shared with me, and now I want to share their insights with you. At the end of the post, I have a few ideas you can walk away with today to find your brand commitment.

Let’s dive in. I asked Emily Nejad, the cake artist and dessert designer behind Bon Vivant Cakes about her brand:

“When it comes to my personal brand, I kinda feel that it’s like: come for the cool cakes, stay for the rowdy attitude. I’ve gotta hand it to my parents on this one: they raised me to be self-assured and confident. I definitely have my bad days, but for the most part, I feel pretty empowered. I’d like to think that my followers first hit that “follow” button because they saw a photo of a dope cake, but stick around because they feel empowered to do their thing and be unabashedly themselves. I f&cking LOVE WOMEN- I think we’re the smartest, the funniest, the most competent and capable out there–and I hope that my followers know that as much as they’re rooting for me, I’m rooting for them, too.”

The business is about the cool cakes but it’s who Emily is: a vibrant, showstopping. maximalist that resonates with her tribe.

What I learned:

  • Know who you are
  • Be Unabashedly Yourself
  • Be Confident and Empowered

Lola Wright is the fierce, loving and disruptive spiritual leader of Chicago’s Bodhi Center. She is committed to creating an experience of Freedom and a remembering of Wholeness in her work.

Branding is always happening. The question is are we conscious or unconscious about our branding. As a progressive spiritual leader of a global center for transformation and liberation, it is essential that I be proactive and engaged in providing a fresh, progressive and relevant narrative for today’s spiritual seeker. As religion in America continues to statistically fail and as a growing population identifies as spiritual but nonreligious I am committed to distinguishing myself as a fresh and innovative voice that applies spiritual inquiry to current issues and challenges.  

Liberating and celebrating the unique and holy brilliance of every being on the planet is essential in creating a loving and just global society. When we disrupt the lie of brokenness or woundedness we realize the highest qualities of the universe and THAT is a very good thing.” 


What I learned:

Be Proactive

Celebrate the Unique

Disrupt Fear and Realize your Highest Self


Parissa Behnia, founder of Sixense Strategy, and I have partnered to create a business + brand strategy model called Fusion, the premise being that brand strategy + business strategy are two sides of the same coin. You need both to be successful. I asked her how her business strategy is reflected in her branding:

“My business plan reflects the Sixense Strategy brand that I spent a lot of time, attention and intention in creating. Brand and business strategies are living things. If we do not care for them, feed them, nurture them, etc., then we are leaving money on the table and inviting the competition to take the pole position. I’m an empathetic strategic partner and I show that in my words and actions. I want my clients to feel supported by me not only as their key strategic weapon but also as someone with a deep understanding that business and life often coincide.


What I learned:

Your intentions align with your speaking and actions

Brand and business strategies are living things

Empathy leads personal branding


So maybe you are thinking, “Ok Lisa, I got it, but….(enter list of circumstances of why you don’t have time to focus on your brand, or why personal branding is snobby).


Maybe you think time restraints are your problem, or lack of confidence is your issue, or that your strategy is the issue, but really, those things are only symptoms of your problem. None of them are your problem. Your problem is your brand, or lack of one to be blunt.


Knowing what you are most committed to in your brand and business gives you the power to be bolder, reach further, grow your business with confidence, power, and direction. All the while being in alignment with what you value most.



Be Bright Lisa



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