Is Having a Personal Brand Commitment Important?

What’s a personal brand commitment? Do I need one?

You want your personal brand to stand out. You want to impact the people you know you’re here to serve. And you want your personal brand to serve your lifestyle.

These are all things you deserve and are 100% possible, but the question is how?!

You might have thought that a color scheme, fonts, and a logo was all you needed to build a personal brand. That might have been true in the past, but it’s certainly not true anymore, and buying a logo from a cheap online designer is not going to break you away from the competition–other people in your industry or get you to your next level career.

When you build a personal brand commitment you separate yourself from the herd and there is no competition. You get to keep your morals, in fact, you sing them loud for all to hear!

You get clarity, motivation and drive, energy, and possibilities! A personal brand commitment gives you a roadmap and a clear direction. You’re dedicated to creating a deep impact…. because you know how. With a successful personal brand commitment, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve worked with over 60 companies and hundreds of 1:1 clients with this simple, but little-known brand-building secret.

These heart-centered professional women have built personal brands on purpose without decision fatigue or overwhelm. It’s possible.

So how do you build your personal brand without hustling your goods around town or begging for work? How do you maintain your sanity, self-esteem, and confidence? Commitment.

So, the question is, “Why is having a personal brand important?”

First, let’s clear up what a personal brand is NOT. It’s NOT visuals, messages, logos, websites or a cleverly designed sales funnel. Nope. Sure, that supports your personal brand, I’ve been designing for 20 years, you can make a solid living from graphic design! Instead….

A personal brand is a mindset, it’s who you are being, not what you are doing.

Personal Brand Commitment is the declaration you make every day that is in alignment with who you are and the impact you want to make in the world. This leads to your personal brand experience and ultimately your future career or business goals.

When you’re committed to something it’s seen in everything you do. It’s who you are and how you move through the world. That’s something that can be seen… Felt… Heard and shared.

Believe it or not, there are major overlaps in the tools I use to find a companies brand’s commitment and the life and leadership coaching tools I use to find my client’s life purpose, cool right?

Here’s a practice you can take on today, ask yourself:

  • What impact do you want to have?
  • Who do you aspire to be?

If you get stuck consider brainstorming a list of 10 movers and shakers of people you look up to, people that inspire you, motivate you.

You don’t have to know them, on my list were Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars…and I can’t sing to save my life but I admire their full rich creativity and expression.

Once you generate that list look at what values and impact these people have, THAT’s where you can start looking at what impact you want to have, however big or small, it doesn’t matter it’s yours.

Living my personal brand commitment is my true north and reason for being.

Without my personal brand commitment to my life purpose and brand, I’m directionless. I stall. I end up going in circles, following trends… getting distracted by analysis paralysis.

Since being able to communicate my personal brand commitment, I’ve been authentic, messy, and real on social media and it’s okay. It’s better than ok! Being real positively impacts my business and it’s has grown exponentially, in the exact way I want it to. As a graphic designer I was paid to be perfect, and now I’m paid for my ideas, leadership, and strength.

So, let’s get real results.

Meet one of my past clients Jenny. Without a personal brand commitment, she was unable to focus or make progress at her graphic design studio. She was lost in overwhelm. After working together she was able to focus on a clear direction and a higher purpose. Her client process was simplified, her services became clear and the inquiries came pouring in.

And there’s Maura. While working together she went from 1 doula agency in Chicago to 2 agencies and started a midwifery practice in New York. Her life and business were made easier because she had a vision, a defined market, and specific goals.

You’re probably thinking that personal branding isn’t a priority for your life is right now, that right now you need clients or that new job more than a brand. When really it’s your personal brand that’s going to attract your ideal clients, the kinds of clients who will be thrilled to pay you top dollar for your services, and a job that aligns with your highest and best self.

And if you’re sitting there thinking that building a personal brand is hard work, or takes a lot of time you don’t have, these are real barriers that are holding you back from what is truly possible for you. Building a personal brand commitment gives you accountability and direction as the leader of your business and career.


Be Bright Lisa



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