Renewing your business intentions before starting a new project.

business intentionA few weeks ago I posted this inspirational image on Instagram inspired by my Kombucha gingeraide. After thinking on it for a few weeks because that’s what I do, overthink, I came to the realization that I don’t actually want to redo anything. Instead, I want to renew. And here’s why.

Redoing something means that it either went wrong or didn’t go the way you originally intended. That also means you had a right and a wrong story around what you were trying to create, which leads to the ever-present “I failed,” “I’m not enough,” “why me?” thoughts we all have.

When we redo, we work in the same context or story, which is probably going to yield the same results, only slightly different if at all. And we do this often: we create expectations about the way things should go, how things should be, or how people should act. My guess is that it ain’t working for us, it certainly doesn’t work for me.

So, let’s instead take a different approach. What if we were to renew our commitment to our original intention in doing something? Let’s make this real.

Imagine your intention was to start a new product line before spring. There is a whole process and structure that goes into creating a new product line including gathering inspiration, researching, creating prototypes, running focus groups, creating a pricing structure, etc. business-intentions

Now, let’s imagine that somebody released a very similar idea in your industry or your product totally flopped in the focus group. You have to make a choice: do you redo it or renew it?

Let’s go back to that piece about renewing our commitment to our original intention. Prior to starting the product line research, what was your intention? If you didn’t set an intention, that’s the first place to look.

Here are some additional questions to answer:

  • What is the intention of your business?
  • What idea, message, or solution is so important that you need to create it so it can be shared with the world? 
  • What skills and services do you bring to the table that are going to enhance and better the lives of those around you?
  • What it is that makes you you and makes your business stand out above the rest?

My intention and everything I do is to create a full expression of myself so I can use my voice in a positive and productive way. This is the same intention I have for my work with my clients. 

If something goes wrong or doesn’t work for me as I’m working on creating a full expression of myself, I have the opportunity to refresh and renew my commitment to my intention. Redoing things just means you’re on that same hamster wheel cycling around and around, again and again, in the same story.

It’s like Einstein’s popular definition of insanity, which he said is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Therefore, if you want something to change, especially big things in your business, you don’t need to redo, you need to renew your original intention. Renewal is looking at what we previously thought was the “wrong” story or what wasn’t possible. Renewal is thinking totally outside of the box, it is reveling in the unknown, it’s a place for exploration and discovery.

With your intention in mind, take a look at what you can renew, refresh or revitalize in your business this season. Let go of the old, don’t wish for a redo, and dive into the new, the unknown, and make what is impossible possible.

Be Bright Lisa



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