How to Create your Personal Brand with Intention, Alignment and Purpose

aka: How to be your best you, get out of your own way, stop the self-sabotage and kill it at that speaking event.

You have a big event that you are going to speak/host / talk/lead, and that voice in your head starts with the “I don’t know why they invited me, what am I going to talk about?” fluff. 

It’s a big deal, and guess what? You’re also a big deal. They invited you because you are the bee’s knees expert and have incredible insights to share, regardless of the nerves.

As a brand strategist and professional life, brand and business coach for creative professionals, I’ve had multiple client conversations about this exact thing. I’ve had my coach talk me off the cliff of self-doubt too, and today I’m going to share my go-to ways to get out of your self-wallowing, nerve-wracked funk and into intention, alignment, and purpose in your personal branding.

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But first, a story.

One day before Jessica Zweig and I were hosting our first SimplyBe Bright personal branding workshop I realized I had been avoiding the itch in my throat thinking I could *power through* my cough, which, by the way, is the worst possible choice for an entrepreneur to make. 

I dragged myself to an immediate care unit. Explaining that, in a super sexy throaty voice, (aka: sick voice) I was hosting 15 brave, creative women who are ready to light up their world with their voice and impact, and I was barely able to speak and my head was pounding. No okay.

I left immediate care with a bronchitis diagnosis and a bag of antibiotics. Let me note: I rarely get sick, but when I do; it’s often because I’ve overwhelmed myself into it. 

Ever notice that? Right before something big life thing is happening you come down with a cold, get horrible sleep or have unbearable stomach cramps?

Regardless of my circumstances, I was going to show up. Personal branding is showing up as your best self, regardless. This all may sound trite in the face of the current trend to be *authentic* but to create a successful and relatable personal brand, you need to create intention and alignment in your work and life as well as your mind, body, and spirit. Here’s how I showed up to SimplyBe Bright:

How to create your personal brand with intention, alignment and purpose with tips from life, brand and business coach, Lisa Guillot

Motivational glitter: I’m not into it. Hustle and Grind: unless it’s coffee, I’m not into it either. I’m a believer in intention, alignment, and purpose. That’s substance, and that’s authentic.

Here are three ways to begin crafting your intention, alignment, and purpose when it comes to showing up as your best self for a big event.

Listen to your Body

Self-care is the heart of my business coaching practice. When we create a blend of work and life, we create the space for our best self to show up. 

Let’s make this real: How would you treat you, if you were your best client? What would business look like if you were your biggest asset? 

As creatives, showing up for our work means taking care of ourselves. I know this because bronchitis isn’t the only way stress and overwhelm has shown up in my health, which I’ll share at a later date. This week I shared insights for design professionals on how overwhelm manifests its ugly head, and what to do about it on Refined Haystack here. 

Notice when your body is stopping you, or at least asking for some rest, exercise or meditation. Without your body, the rest of you suffers.

Dress the Part

As empowered female leaders, our reputation, aka who you are being and what people say about you when you aren’t there, is there first. 

Dress how you want to be treated, dress for your essence, your soul, your beautiful rocking brave self.  This is especially true at an event. People want to get to know you, see who you really are, and your clothing is a quick insight into your personal essence. 

My latest fashion phase is a gypsy spirit, let’s wait and see how that’s going to manifest in my work! Pssst:  Annie of Annie Frances Style Consulting is coming over next week!

Examine your Energy

I could have brought all the funk I had created in my head. I could have *powered through* and not taken the time to go to immediate care before the SimplyBe Bright workshop. Instead, I paused and realigned with my intention for the evening. 

I wanted to show up as me: radiance, bliss, wonder, love and power. Those are the keywords of my personal essence, which is the source of me at my best self. 

If we were to work together, your personal essence is one of the first things we would develop because it’s the heart of your personal brand.

3-WAYS-TO-CREATE-PERSONAL-BRANDBefore the event, I purposefully created time to clear my head, journal, meditate and jam out to my go-to songs. (see below for a little afternoon jam). I call this sourcing my being. Jess Lively, one of my favorite podcast energy and business gurus calls it getting into alignment. It’s a daily, sometimes moment-to-moment thing, and it takes practice.

Remember that self-doubting deity who thinks, “Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? How am I going to look / sound / be smart?” That way of thinking is out of alignment with your best self. That’s not who walks into a room, and it’s not why you were asked to share your wisdom at the event.

That voice in your head zaps your energy and sucks away your power. If there were a power leak in your services or products you would fix it, right? Why listen to a voice in your head that is limiting your greatness? 

Notice her, acknowledge her, and then choose an empowered place of energy, alignment, and intention. That powerful combination will create space for amazing things to happen.

Be Bright Lisa



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