How to create the impact with your brand and marketing this year

What impact have you made so far this year? What can you do to make sure you meet and exceed your goals?

There are 3 ways to end a quarter with a bang and create the most impact you can on your audience, or your team or your organization:

  • By defining what impact means to you
  • By using time to your advantage
  • And by making the actions you take personal


Define What Impact Means to You

Let’s start by defining what impact means for you. How can you go out with a bang? Is it 3 more clients at a higher rate? 3K more followers on Instagram? 2 dozen more donations to your favorite non-profit? A 20-hour workweek?

I take my clients through a life purpose tool that allows us to elevate to the highest level of what they most value and how taking action will make the biggest impact. Impact is one of those elusive things that is personal to each one of us. There’s no right or wrong answer. So what serves you in the life, career and business you want to create?

Once you’ve defined what impact you want to create, it’s time to take action.


Use Time to Your Advantage

Anytime is a good time to reconnect with your audience. Starting in Late October clients and teams are looking ahead.

Now is the perfect time of year to reach out and…

  • Connect about the holidays
  • Connect about plans for next year
  • Connect about end of the year taxes
  • Connect about family time
  • Connect about gift-giving


Those are a few ideas on how to reach out and touch your audience. Use these to help get your own creative juices going and connect with your tribe. They’ll love you for it.

Make it Personal

Now that you have your reason to reach out and connect with your tribe, make it special. Consider that there’s more to life than an email or browsing a client’s wall to like an image they posted.

It’s time to take a stand and do something real!

  • Call them
  • Send them a Thanksgiving card, a Valentines Day card
  • Introduce them to someone you know they will find invaluable
  • Ask them to coffee
  • Send them an article
  • Ask them over to a potluck with some of your favorite clients
  • Host a mastermind dinner of interesting people
  • Send them a box of tea


I’m a big advocate of in-person face time. That includes sharing fully with you… So let’s not lose touch with one another.


Be Bright Lisa



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