How Big Businesses Use Holistic Branding and Why It Matters to Coaches and Consultants

How Big Businesses Use Holistic Branding and Why It Matters to Coaches and Consultants

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In today’s highly branded business landscape, the concept of holistic branding is a hot topic, and here’s my hot take. I’m going to show you how big brands are using holistic branding and how coaches and consultants can apply a similar holistic approach to their personal brand using my Clear Brand Blueprint.


Holistic Branding: A Lesson from Warby Parker


Warby Parker, a revolutionary force in the eyeglasses industry, provides a stellar example of the impact of holistic branding. By aligning its business and branding purpose, Warby Parker has created a seamless, resonant brand experience. In an interview with Tony Robbins, Neil Blumenthal, the founder of Warby Parker, emphasized that “brand matters more than ever” and extends beyond just the product. It encompasses the entire customer journey, both online and offline, making it a holistic experience.

“Brand matters more than ever. Experience is a buzzword, but it really does matter, and it’s a holistic experience. Our brand is not just our product; it’s the moment somebody hears about Warby Parker.”

Neil Blumenthal, Founder


This is a perfect example of holistic branding. Blumenthal is taking every brand touchpoint of the customer experience and crafting it to align with the brand’s highest commitment, in his case–an accessible, easy, and fun experience with eyeglasses.

I started wearing glasses after I lost some of my eyesight because of stress-related shingles in my mid-thirties. I, like most people, don’t have time to go to the eyeglasses doctor, then wait for a sales personal to help me find a pair that fits my face (why is there only one salesperson there anyways, why is this taking so long??) and then hope I made the right choice.

Kind of a fingers-crossed moment with a $500 debit card transaction if you are lucky.

What if a company saved me time, gave me options that were on trend then shipped them to my house so I could try them on at home, to make the right choice on my terms?

That’s a holistic customer-centric approach to the client experience and my impression of the Warby Parker brand. Every moment is accounted for.

Before we look at how to apply a holistic branding approach to your Coaching or Consulting Practice let’s get a few things down pat.

What’s a holistic approach to branding? 

A business brand wants to leave a lasting impression in the mind of their customer, so that the customer knows, likes, and trusts them. To do that they use a strategy called brand positioning, which crystalizes the benefits and objectives of the brand, and who the brand is targeting.

Once the brand is positioned against the marketplace with clear benefits to help it stand out from a cluttered marketplace, it executes its marketing to match its objectives creating a holistic experience for the customer. Each touchpoint between the customer and the brand is well throughout, polished, and refined to create a well-rounded and memorable experience. 

Does it sound like you are being wooed to buy? That’s because you are.

What is a holistic personal brand? 

Embodying a holistic personal brand experience is felt in the exchange of energy between you and your audience. Your audience sees, feels, and remembers your presence, personality, and reputation because you intentionally nurture and nourish the relationship through storytelling, visual presence, and messaging.

The difference between a holistic personal brand and a holistic business brand approach is that you are creating a holistic experience that’s hands-on and can be infinitely tailored to each and every interaction… because you are a real human being. This is not something AI can do for you. 

Applying the Holistic Approach to Your Coaching or Consulting Practice

Now, let’s blend the wisdom of how big businesses use holistic branding with the practical guidance of the Clear Brand Blueprint, specifically tailored for coaches and consultants. This holistic branding approach can transform your coaching or consulting practice, providing structure, clarity, and authenticity in your client interactions from start to finish.

I created the Clear Brand Blueprint to help my clients define their brand and marketing approach using the these 8 key decisions to build a personal brand blueprint. 

  1. Clear Brand Intention: Setting the Foundation

Begin with a clear brand intention, this is what’s going to keep you going when the going gets tough—like no one is responding to you, you aren’t making the sales you want and you want to give up. This singular statement will keep you aligned to why this is important to you. This is similar to Warby Parker’s commitment to an accessible, easy, and fun experience with eyeglasses. 

“Warby Parker was founded with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style. We’re constantly asking ourselves how we can do more and make a greater impact—and that starts by reimagining everything that a company and industry can be.” 

Warby Parker Website

For coaches and consultants, your intention becomes the guiding force behind your services, ensuring authenticity and purpose in every interaction.

My client Genny, the founder of a digital marketing agency in Chicago, clear brand intention said: 

“I am here to embody a CEO bird’s-eye view. And this is important because I want to coach clients to create a values-based culture with heart.”

My client Andi, a private practice lawyer in D.C. said: “I am here to be a voice for millennial leaders And this is important because we don’t want to burnout like the last two generations have taught us.” 

My client Mary, a certified holistic functional practitioner says: “I am here to teach women how to gracefully move through menopause on their own terms. And this is important because women deserve the respect and control over their bodies and the care they deserve.”

  1. Desired Outcome for You: Aligning with Your Mission

Much like Warby Parker’s mission to redefine the eyeglasses industry, define the desired outcome for yourself. What mission are you on? How do you aim to transform lives or businesses? 

I urge you to think beyond simple achievements. For instance, if someone’s goal is to get a promotion, I challenge you to think deeper. What does it look like to make a meaningful impact by donating 20% of your income to nonprofits you adore while volunteering at your local community theater? Your desired outcome should paint a vibrant picture of a life well-lived.

If your intention is to build an email list and grow it to 200 people, I want to incourage you to grow and build it to 400. Dreams are meant to be big!

Imagine starting today, and one year from now, and you have created your Clear Brand Intention. It’s out in the world and you are celebrating! What mission have you created?

Clearly articulating your personal mission aligns your professional goals with your higher purpose.

  1. Desired Outcome for Your Audience: Connecting on a Deeper Level

Warby Parker resonates with its audience by understanding their needs deeply. Similarly, as a coach or consultant, identify the desired outcome for your audience. How can you connect with them on a profound level? Tailor your services to address their pain points and aspirations.

Ask yourself:

  • What problem can I help solve?
  • What new ideas do I bring to the table?
  • How can I transform my clients  lives for the better?
  1. Your “Ask”: Communicating Your Value

Every brand, including Warby Parker, communicates its value proposition. They want you to buy eyeglasses from them. Plain and Simple. 

It’s crucial to make it clear how your audience can engage with you, whether it’s hiring you, booking you for a speaking engagement, or simply getting in touch. This is where Your Ask comes into play.

Think of Your Ask as a GPS guiding your audience on their journey to connect with you. You’re the solution to their problem, so let’s make it easy for them. 

Make your value proposition clear and compelling.


  1. Business Energy Exchange: Building Authentic Connections

Holistic branding is about the exchange of energy, leaving a lasting impression. 

In today’s world, where attention is scarce, you’ll need to give three times the energy to get one time in return. This principle applies to various situations, from proposals to sign-ups to people returning your pitch request to people liking and commenting on your posts. 

People need to know, like, and trust you before making a big or small decision, so give them 3x the value and reflect this in your coaching or consulting practice. 

Ensure that every interaction is genuine and leaves a positive impact on your clients, creating a harmonious energy exchange.


  1. Personal Energy Exchange: Aligning with Your Authentic Self

Authenticity is paramount in holistic branding. We know when a big brand is lying to us because it’s energy is out of alignment. This is also why we align with different types of musicians, they vibe with us or they don’t. Same applies to keeping your personal energy in check. 

It’s common for coaches and consultants to have well-structured business plans but neglect self-care. The “self-care is selfish” paradox can derail your journey if you don’t take care of yourself.

Let’s look at a different perspective on self-care.

Imagine how you want to feel a year from now when your Clear Brand Blueprint becomes a reality. Let’s say your vision is to build a global consulting business. The feeling you’re seeking is freedom, agency, and fulfillment.

 But here’s the best part: you don’t have to wait until you achieve your desired outcome to feel this way.

Your daily energetic practice is the game-changer. It allows you to choose how you want to feel and create that experience intentionally, NOW. 

Align your personal energy with your holistic brand practices.. Ensure that your actions, both professionally and personally, resonate with your values. This alignment fosters trust and credibility.


  1. Your Platform: Creating a Visible Presence

Warby Parker’s success is not only in its products but also in its visibility. Establish your platform as a coach or consultant. Leverage online and offline channels to showcase your expertise. Whether through social media, workshops, or networking events, be present where your audience is.

Warby Parker sends customers 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home. What can you share and make visible with your audience so they feel like they have truly seen you? 

The choice of your personal brand’s platform is pivotal. For those active on social media, determine which platform resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktoc, or Facebook, your commitment doesn’t stop there. You can also build your brand through networking, speaking engagements, writing, or within your career.

This is where your personal brand will come to life. Your platform will be a powerful amplifier of your message.


  1. Your Brand Commitment: Sustaining Holistic Branding

Finally, commit to the process. Much like Warby Parker’s commitment to the problem they solve: “Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Glasses are too expensive.” uphold your commitment to building a holistic brand experience in yoru coaching and consulting practice. Use the Clear Brand Blueprint as your roadmap for the next 90 days and beyond, ensuring a sustained and impactful presence.

In conclusion, Warby Parker serves as a guiding light to the power of holistic branding. By merging this inspiration with the Clear Brand Blueprint tailored for coaches and consultants, you can jump into the drivers seat of your own holistic journey. Craft your holistic brand, connect authentically, and leave a lasting impact on your coaching or consulting practice.

I’ve briefly shared the 8 key decisions in building your holistic clear brand blueprint. If you want to build yours with me, let’s connect, or pop onto my email list to be notified when new classes are launching. 

Be bright, Lisa

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