Fortune 500 Branding on a Startup Budget: The ONE Thing You Need to Know

Your Brand Strategy is a roadmap to shout your message and vision across the world for the people who will most resonate with it.

It’s pretty important. Let’s take a look at what happens to your brand and business without a Brand Strategy Map.

Without a Brand Strategy Map you:

  • Follow the trends rather than innovate and start them. That means you’re left in the dust of popular fads
  • Find yourself in a cluttered industry with no real message or purpose
  • Waste thousands of dollars in marketing efforts that don’t connect to anyone!
  • Ping-pong your brand messaging with no direction or substance


And if that’s not enough, your confidence as a leader slips into danger zones. You start to worry that…

  • Your business is never going to turn around or gain traction
  • You’re an impostor in a land of perfection. Only one conversation away from being “found out”
  • Your products and services are subpar
  • You shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions
  • Your creative intuition is a fraud or non-existent
  • Your destined for failure

The marketing industry charges top dollar to assess a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Not to mention putting strategies in place to counteract these weaknesses.

And that works for big brands who have the budget, but what about solopreneurs and creative entrepreneurs who don’t yet? Who’s marketing team is, well, you plus a writer and designer? If that.

What then? The straightforward answer is that it all starts at the heart of who you are as the CEO your business.

If you’re a one-woman show or have a small team behind you and you DON’T have a Brand Strategy you’re leaving money on the table. Simple as that.

Even without a big budget, you can make a big impact in your business using a brand strategy map.

With a strategy mapped out you’re able to laser in your messaging. You’re able to target specific audiences that will effortlessly resonate with your products and services.

But without a strategy, you’re wasting money throwing ‘spaghetti at a wall hoping something will stick. And that’s not a business.

The Harvard Business Review created an approach to Brand Strategy Mapping called “Centrality Distinctiveness” which connects your brand position to desired business outcomes.

I love this tool because it parallels business strategy with brand development. Brand strategy and business strategy are yin-yangs. If one doesn’t support the other, the business suffers and, more often than not, fails.

Now I also adore the Blue Ocean Strategy when it comes to brand positioning.

Blue Ocean Strategy helps position your brand in a zero competition environment. How do you ask?

It helps to pinpoint where your brand is in direct opposition to other business models in your industry. Then builds off that opposition.

Both of these models depend on what the industry is or is not doing. Where I dare my clients to position themselves above their industry. It’s from that birds-eye view where there’s only your commitment. Your purpose, intention, and action.

That is Branding With Purpose!

Together we’ll create your beautiful brand that’ll inspire millions and give your audience the confidence to buy. Over and over again.

Imagine what’s possible for your business with a Brand Strategy that’s built from your highest level of service.

Let’s build the brand of your dreams.


Be Bright Lisa



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