The simple way you can fail-proof your business: build a value based brand

I’m going to share 2 examples of how building a value-based brand creates confidence, focus, opportunity, and purpose from my clients, first, a story.


In 2015 I was making more money than ever before in my brand strategy studio, Step Brightly. To say business was great would be an understatement.


Two kiddos under the age of 5, Forth Chicago in full-swing, I was busy, but I wasn’t fulfilled, I thought, who am I to complain? Life is great right? But I knew there was something pulling me. I wasn’t engaging with clients in the way I wanted. I felt like a production artist instead of a creative partner. I had zero patience for my kids, and my health was suffering.


I knew something had to change. I had to pause, evaluate who I was being to myself and my clients, and make a change. Although this peachy life looked a-okay on the outside, inside I wanted more depth in my relationship with my kids, clients and myself.


You know those moments where a light bulb goes off and everything gets so easy you want to face-palm yourself?


Yea. One of those.


I needed structure around who I was being as the leader of my life, family and business. That’s when I began my life and leadership coach training course. 


A few months into the year-long program, there was a moment I realized that the same branding techniques I’ve been practicing all these years were akin to the tools I was learning in my life and leadership training.




What if I could take brand strategy and design thinking and apply it to leadership development? Or better yet, create a brand from the founder’s purpose-driven leadership?


I still remember celebrating that milestone and knowing that the momentum, purpose, and commitment I had been craving was finally my reality…


Your Brand Commitment is the foundation of momentum in your business.


It’s HOW to cultivate a tribe of RAVING fans, CONNECT with your clients, and TRANSFORM who you are being in your life.


Building a brand on purpose is an elevated strategy that leads and defines your impact, not to mention, your daily to-do list. In fact, it shifts your to-do list to a TO-BE list.


Kiss the grind and the hustle goodbye. Get out of the weeds that are strangling your growth and elevate.


Your brand commitment gives you a destination and direction to do the work you’re meant to do in this world.


But don’t take my word for it.


After my client Maura designed her brand on purpose she found that her branding decisions were easier. She had a vision of the endpoint which made saying yes or no that much simpler. She knew what opportunities would help her reach specific goals and where she needed to spend her time because she was able to define her market.


I believe she literally redefined the Doula and Midwifery industry from her purpose. Well-women care elevated!

Pro tip: Consider that, as the leader of your business, you are often seen as your brand, especially if you provide professionals services, like graphic design, healthcare related services or consulting, you are going to need to create more than just a professional brand, and build a value-based personal brand as well.


“Lisa served as a great resource. She helped me find an excellent digital marketing person and personal stylist and has also presented a number of useful online tools.


What I have gained most from Lisa are the tools to create a present and future for myself that is reflective of my personal values. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for personal or professional support!


I have always been a motivated person, but somehow Lisa has motivated me even beyond the expectations I have for myself. At the same time, she helps me to set reasonable goals and milestones, and talking with her every week holds me accountable for working toward my goals.


Although business topics have been my primary focus with Lisa, she has really taken the time to get to know me personally. It’s become increasingly apparent to me how much my personal “essence” (as she calls it!) influences my business, and creating a consistent personal and professional voice has been valuable in helping me to make challenging decisions. I finally feel like I have direction about where I am going and am able to narrow down my priorities (I can be a bit of an overachiever!)”


Maura Winkler,  Owner, Fika Midwifery + Buffalo Birth & Baby

Maura, thank you for sharing with me and exploring how to expand your businesses for the many women and families that you will touch as you grow your well-women care at Fika Midwifery and Buffalo Birth & Baby.


And my client Jenny found that after building her brand on purpose she had focus and a clear direction with meaning to follow. Without her brand, she struggled to focus and easily got lost in overwhelm. She describes it as having a higher purpose. She didn’t need to worry, there were no more questions about whether the vibe of her brand was right or not because she BECAME her brand.


I asked Jenny how her personal essence, her value-based brand transformed her personal life:


“The awareness of how people see me is extraordinary. It was a tremendous affirmation from the universe and those around me of who I authentically am, and gave me a place to go and start from when in fear or doubt.”

Jenny Johnson, Owner Bloom Designs Co.

Which is exactly what I want for you: transform fear and doubt into authenticity and purpose.


Give yourself the clarity to move through challenges un-phased.


The Brand Commitment Course


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