Executives: Your Personal Brand Matters More Than You Think, the 5 Lies you are telling yourself that are holding you back

Hey, power player: Ever think personal branding is just for social media influencers and not for top-tier executives like yourself? It’s time to shatter that myth and discover how building your personal brand can be the key to unlocking a career that’s truly legendary, future-proof and makes you money too.

The Lie Unveiled:


Let’s dive deep into the misconception that personal branding is unnecessary for executives. We’ll explore the risks and challenges that come with neglecting your personal brand. Because let’s face it, in the fast-paced world of business, being vague about your brand could be costing you those speaking gigs, promotions, and raises you’ve been dreaming of.

But first, what exactly is a personal brand? 

It’s like the aura you bring to the room, the vibe you present. Some people call it “Executive Presence” I call it your Personal Essence. hink of it as your professional story – a carefully crafted blend of your presence, personality, and reputation. Just like how celebs and news anchors maintain their polished images, your brand communicates who you are in your workplace, industry, and future professional life.

5 Personal Branding Myths That are Holding Executives Back:

I don’t have a brand = False


Hey, busy exec, guess what? If you’re on LinkedIn, Instagram, or even have a mission you believe in, you’ve got a brand. Your online presence is a window into your professional world. Google yourself – your brand is alive and kicking. The question is, are you creating it with intention

I haven’t updated my LinkedIn in ages = I know, I can tell


When was the last time you gave your LinkedIn a little love? Keeping it fresh is like adding rocket fuel to your networking, opportunities, and new connections.

My passion for my career has plateaued = that stinks, it’s time for a mindset makeover


Feeling a bit “meh” about your career? I get it. Keeping the flames of passion burning is crucial for making a real impact and keeping that executive mindset sharp

I want to speak on stages = it’s time to build your speaking brand

Dreaming of owning the stage? Turning your expertise into a speaking brand is not just about impressing the crowd but also super meaningful for your career. Get ready to make your voice heard!

My brand is not me = it’s time for a brand refresh

Have a personal brand, but it feels like it belongs to someone else? The “old you”? Your brand design should be 100% you. A few tweaks or a full overhaul can align your brand visually with the emotional driving force behind it.


The Truth:


The power of intention in personal and professional brand building is about defining what success looks like for you and your career, and how your brand can pave the way to get there.

Ready for action?

I’ve got you covered with guidance on setting clear intentions for your growth. Discover the right platforms that align with your goals and audience, ensuring your brand speaks volumes without you even being in the room.

My dear Executive Influencer, it’s time to take charge of your personal brand. Shatter those myths, defy the status quo, and step into your brand with the confidence of a true leader. Remember, your brand is your edge – use it wisely, and let your career soar to new heights.

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