Truth: Branding makes marketing and sales a no-brainer

I’m diving into another branding myth that may be holding you back in your life, brand, and business:

Belief: “Branding won’t help me, what I need is clients.”

Truth: Branding makes marketing and sales a no-brainer.

We are un-packing limiting mindsets to shed a light on the stories you may tell yourself to not do that scary thing, not ask for a raise, not launch that new product….get it? Fear-based thinking holds you back from being the leader I know you already are.

We all need clients, that’s true for any business owner. So the obvious question is, how are you going to get your next client?

  • How am I going to get my next client?
  • Create a sales funnel that converts?
  • Stop potential clients on the street and tell them how amazing your service is?
  • Shout at potential clients online (nope, everyone does that already)?
  • Build an amazing website and hope they find it?

Hope is not a strategy.

Relationship building is a strategy that works.

There are tons of online courses selling editorial calendars, build a  $$ Six Figure business! Mastermind this and that! But what are you going to share with them? What’s your message? Why do they care?

Brand strategy is at the heart of any sales strategy. Let’s look at some specifics that are going to make selling, and building your client list much, much easier.

In the video I share:

  • Relationship building using the Like, Know, Trust strategy
  • How meeting your clients where they are at, is easy
  • and when you think you are selling…you probably are

If you hold these myths to be true and gather ALL THE EVIDENCE to prove them, listen up, it’s actually holding you back to be an effective intuitive leader.


Be Bright Lisa



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