Be Bright Virtual Retreat FAQs

The Be Bright Virtual Retreat is for you.  It’s to prepare for the greatest energetic shift that is coming with the world reopening, and I want you to be ready.  It’s value-packed with two guided sessions, a complete workbook, and a 1×1 session to propel you forward.  I’ve received a handful of questions and would love to make it easy for you to decide on your journey! 


What is the BBVR and how much time is involved?

It’s a self-paced 3-day retreat that only requires 2 one-hour zoom meetings.  

On Saturday, we’ll kick off in the morning, and I’ll explain a Clear Future Vision path.  Then, we’ll go deep into the Inner Platform of who you need to be in order to create your Clear Vision with mindset and self-awareness work 

On Sunday, you’re encouraged to self-pace your day and carve out time to dig into your workbook and reflect on our first meeting.

On Monday, we’ll meet in the early evening to map out a 12-week plan using my signature Clear Vision Setting process. In this session, we’ll move the inner work to an outer expression, how you actually show up and start to take action on your CLEAR Vision.

That’s it!  All of that goodness in a digestible format.  Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary 1×1 session so we can discuss your implementation. 

What if I can’t make one of the meetings?

Both meetings will be recorded so you can view it on your own time as well.  


Who can attend? Am I a fit for BBVR?

BBVR is for anyone that’s ready to grow and reground after the pandemic.  It’s intended for people that crave more out of life and are ready to set an intentional vision.  Your vision could be as big as a new job, a new business! or as precious as creating a daily meditation practice to support your vitality. It’s all-important because it’s in service of you.


What will I learn?

At the end of the 3-day virtual retreat, you’ll have the tools to define your Clear Future Vision in your personal brand or business, a rock-solid plan, and the motivation to make it happen.


What have others said about the retreat?

I am so grateful to receive such beautiful feedback from clients that have attended.  Here’s what just a few have to say: 

“The Be Bright Virtual Retreat showed me how to break down my vision, that felt fuzzy, into actionable steps and make it a reality.”


“The Clear Vision framework was very therapeutic and now I feel inspired and energized to DO IT!”


“Loved the simplicity and beauty of the materials, and the playlist was spot on.”


Still have questions?  Drop me an email or DM to let me know.  Let’s discuss! 


Be Bright Lisa



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