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6 Mindset Shifts To Overcome Judging Yourself So You Can Build Your Personal Brand

When it comes to you stepping in front of your phone’s camera and posting a video of you sharing your business or expertise my guess is that voices pop into your head telling you that it’s not proper to talk about yourself, you should be humble, then fear disguises itself as the judge and jury secretly (or not so secretly), holding you captive from expressing and building your personal brand online.

Today, we unveil the lie that fear whispers in our ears—the falsehood that self-judgment and looking silly online is a reason NOT to build your personal brand..

The Lie Unveiled:

Picture this: 2012, a year that left me entangled in a web of legal woes. Sued for copyright infringement because of images I had on my blog, I was forced to confront the consequences of presenting a false identity, woven from the stories I thought the world wanted to hear in order to prove I was “valuable”. A single formal letter shattered my illusion, triggering imposter syndrome and echoing the deep-seated fear of judgment.


Have you ever felt that way? Like you didn’t know how to build your persona brand? Or that you were worried what other people would think of you, if they really saw you for who you are?

What’s Holding You Back? Identifying Your Paradox Pattern:



Let’s talk about Paradox Patterns—those repetitive neural pathways, the stories etched into our minds that dictate thoughts, feelings, and actions. Like “I’m only valuable if I have a beautiful social media feed.” or “My clients won’t think I’m worthy of my fee if I don’t have a big following online.” 

A looping record of the past on repeat, fueled by a narrative that, spoiler alert, isn’t even true. 

You are worthy. 

You are valuable. 

It’s time to unravel these self-contradictory tales and rewrite the script.

Your repetitive thoughts, the whispers of your Ego, are mere reminders that you’ve given this tiny voice too much power. The Ego, Monkey Mind, Lizard Brain—it loves to create separation, foster enemies, and limit your creativity and future possibilities. 

It’s time to diminish its influence and step into a more purposeful relationship with your conscious thoughts.


The Truth:


Rise, my darling, for you are powerful, intelligent, and endlessly creative. It’s time to acknowledge and celebrate your brilliance, shifting from downplaying your worth to recognizing the extraordinary force within. You are a magnificent being, and the world deserves to witness your brilliance.

When do you just get to “be enough”? The self-help narrative of “being enough” is bullshit. What if we declare that we are simply done? 

We are done being mirrors for society’s fantasy, (hello beauty industry!)

done reflecting judgments of what we should be (hello diet culture!)

And instead, embrace the funky fresh fire within, a source of energy that defies societal norms, rooted in the knowing that you are deep, bold, daring, flamboyant, and strong


6 New Mindset Shifts to overcome judging yourself online:


You are the star on your stage:

In the vibrant world of the internet, negativity is an inevitable encore. Embrace it, for resilience blooms when we acknowledge that not everyone will vibe with our personal brand and business. And that’s okay! Revel in the realization that your message is a symphony, and not every ear is tuned to its melody.


Revamp your Mindset:

Shed the need for external validation because genuine thought leadership arises from being connected to your Clear Vision. Rise above the desire for “everyone needs to like me” to transform your path into a guiding light for those resonating with your unique journey.

Authenticity is Your True North:

Imagine a colorful painting where you can be yourself, quirks and all. You are not something that AI built, your personal brand is an extension of you, just as your wardrobe, community and people you call family. Showcasing your unique and colorful story invites others to connect with the real you.

Community Connections:

Think of finding friends who get what it’s like to be online. Share your stories, get advice, and celebrate each other’s successes in this digital space. It is called “social” media after all.


Style Confidence:

Create a personal brand style that reflects who you really are. Let your outer expression be a shield against worries about what others might think. Download my Glow Up Guide: Instant Visibility Checklist to do a quick audit of your personal brand style.

Impact-Centric Approach: 

Instead of focusing on how people see you, think about the good you can do. Concentrate on the positive changes you want to make in the world, and let that guide your actions. You’re like a superhero creating a better universe with every good deed.


As we bid farewell to the lie that fear has left in your mind,”Worrying about looking silly holds me back from building my personal brand.”, and you now have the tools to take practical and easy action. remember this, my queens and kings: the online realm is your kingdom. 

Express your truth, and step into the limitless possibilities that await you. The fear of judgment will no longer overshadow your brilliance—this is your moment
to shine authentically. Let the world witness your radiant impact, and keep sharing because we need your light.

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