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3 Quick & Easy Hacks to Make Your Personal Brand Stand out in record time

Ever heard people say building a brand takes forever? That they don’t have the time to come up with social media ideas, and the graphics, and share it AND engage? Well, guess what? I’m here to spill the tea on that myth and show you how staying stuck in “I’m not doing it, it takes too much time” isn’t your vibe, it’s a convenient lie that’s hold you back from building the exact thing you most want: freedom in your career and business. 

The Truth:


Making a brand can be way easier than people think. We’ll talk about a step-by-step plan that makes it simple and even kinda fun. It’s like turning a big task into a fun adventure when you have the right roadmap to get you there.


Practical Steps to kick start your personal brand in record time:

Okay, let’s break personal brand strategy down into 2 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Make a Crystal Clear Plan:

    • Make a plan for your brand that says what you want to create and why that’s important. Think about what you want and what your audience, whether that is your clients, customers or your employees might like to know from or about you.

    • Imagine what success looks like and what it’s going to take to get there.

Now you have your personal brand intention. I share my Crystal Clear Personal Brand Intention in my personal branding course, or can share it with you in a discovery session, you can book your time right here. 

  • Step 2: Energy Exchange:

    • It’s like making a deal  – do three “energetic exchanges” for your audience, like provide value by writing an article, create a rocking post, calling an old client to tell them you are thinking of them, and you get one energetic exchange back, like a potential client signs with you, or you book a speaking gig!

3 Quick & Easy Hacks to Make Your Personal Brand Stand out in record time!


Easy Thing 1: Organize Your Work Stuff 


Use tools that make work easier, like special apps for talking with clients (Voxer, Slack, WhatsApp), and keeping track of money exchanges with programs like QuickBooks. Apps save you time, money and energy, and can be branded to match you with color, and logos.

Easy Thing 2: Find Cool Places to Hang Out


Choose cool places to meet your clients and colleagues that match your style. It’s like picking your favorite spot to hang out. Opt for meeting locations that resonate with your brand’s visual identity. Consider spaces like Soho House, your local coffee show (not Starbucks, too megabrand), or choose from platforms like Desktime for versatile meeting spaces.

Easy Thing 3: Dress Up Your Style


Like it or not, your personal style is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, and how others are impressed (or not) by you. Your outfit is an extension of your brand. Connect with your brand by presenting yourself in a way that aligns with your brand’s identity. Wear that gorgeous jacket you are “saving for something special” today is that special day! Emphasize the importance of confidence and self-expression through how you dress. It will make a lasting impression.


Start with small changes, dream big, and sparkle bright. You’ve got that star quality that is worth putting your time, money and energy into, Believe me, it will have compounding rewards for your future self. 

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