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1-1 Private Coaching

Learn more about working with me privately.

People look to you for answers because you’re a future-focused leader. At the same time, you crave motivation, inspiration, and accountability. I personalize all of my 1-1 engagements to create your highest life and leadership goals.

Clear Vision U

For senior-level executives and seasoned entrepreneurs

Clear Vision U is the only program for senior-level executives and seasoned entrepreneurs to find your clear vision, and create a vibrant personal or professional brand with purpose.

Speaking and Experiences With Lisa

Learn more about creating events and experiences for your people.

I create masterclasses and events for clients like NBCUniversal, AT&T and Nixon Peabody. From concept creation to facilitating, I am passionate about creating deep insights and powerful conversations with my audience.

I work with senior-level executives to design their future with purpose and build their legacy with intention.

You’re successful because you create award-winning campaigns, generate the biggest ROI, and inspire teams to do it again, and again.

But, it’s time to inspire YOU.

You’re ready to design a life that ignites your creativity and relishes in purposeful action toward your legacy and need expert guidance.

You’re ready for a future that embodies all of you personally, professionally, and with a dash of soul, and need the support of a professional mindset coach.

You’re ready to discover your thought leadership and personal brand with style, confidence, and ease and need the framework to make it happen.

The Clear Vision Framework creates:

Visionary Leaders, Brands and Legacies

We Start With Your Inner Platform

Your Inner Platform is the foundation between who you were and who you are becoming.

It’s a 360 of how you see and believe in yourself. It’s built on a creative mindset plus inner trust and elevated energy. When your Inner Platform is rock solid you become a magnet for opportunity.



My clients are confident, creative, courageous leaders who trust their intuition. They know how to laser-focus on what matters most to make the biggest impact. They are curious, and compassionate, and have more personal energy than they ever thought possible.

Then We Move To Your Outer Platform

Call it what you like—personal branding, thought leadership, your reputation, or legacy—you are seen and felt before you enter a room. It’s time to explore who you are and step into your most vibrant self.



My clients experience increased income, high-level promotions, and opportunities to speak, lead global teams, and represent their organizations internationally. Because they have clearly defined their legacy they are seen as visionary leaders.

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