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One hour a day, for 5 days,  to radically define your future. You in?

From the outside looking in, you’re “successful” but…

You’re stuck. You have been for a while.

There’s a calling in your heart nudging you towards:

✅ Making a major career change
✅ Building a thought leadership business
✅ Creating a legacy

But you have no idea where to start or HOW to make it happen.

So to help you get UNSTUCK, I’m hosting a free masterclass for executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to stop the stuck, find their clear vision, and create a roadmap to bring it to life.

Join my free 5-day signature Clear Vision masterclass!

During this free masterclass, I’ll teach you how to:

✅ Find your clear vision using design thinking

✅ Turn fuzzy, blurry feelings about your goal into clarity and confidence

✅ Identify and overcome imposter syndrome

✅ Create a Clear Vision Declaration so you can hold yourself accountable and guide you

✅ Take the first step to create your legacy

Clear Vision framework masterclass

And most importantly...

You don’t need to know exactly what your future vision for your life, leadership or livelihood is, you just need to have the DESIRE to find your clear vision and make it a reality.

Meet your hostess with the mostess: Lisa Guillot, PCC

If we haven’t met yet, hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a professionally certified (PCC), transformational leadership coach, through the International Coaching Federation, and was dubbed a branding expert by the Chicago Tribune.

I’m also an over-achiever (Capricorn? Yep), my perfectionist tendencies got me only so far, and hurt me in the process. Being the “perfect graphic designer, mom, step-mom, business owner… you name it” led me to panic attacks and a stress-induced chronic disease. I don’t want this to happen to you.

I have done the deep work to recreate my life to “have it all” using an intuitive approach to personal leadership through spirituality, creativity and self-care.

If you are overwhelmed and exhausted with how your life is happening to you…know, you are your biggest asset, and I believe in you.

I’m committed to creating an experience that will knock your socks off and propel you into the future, your future with clarity, and confidence and we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly, I was blown away!”

Be Bright Lisa testimonial

Thanks again for today (and every day!) Today’s session really spoke to me—not only to reconfirm that what I’ve been doing has not been working but also to realize how all the steps of how I even got into this class came together. I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for it. So thank you.

Be bright lisa testimonial

“Your workshop showed me how to break down my vision, that felt fuzzy, into actionable steps and make it a reality.”

I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing environment where we can come together and support each other through breakthroughs. I am truly inspired by what I have learned!”