A Journey Through Life Coaching

In January 2017, I started a 12-month program to become a certified life coach.

A little background on me: I am a creative entrepreneur, brand consultant, business coach, wife, mom to two toddlers and stepmom to two boys. All of my kids go to different places during the day: high school, middle school, kindergarten and day care.

I am a hyper-scheduled Capricorn who loves Missy Elliot as much as I love Bob Dylan.

I decided to dive into a life coaching program because I wanted the formal structure, the educational know-how, and the leadership that would tie in the “life” part of my life, brand + business coaching practice.

For ambitious women our lives, brands, and businesses blend together, get mixed up and re-organized, and while I know my stuff on branding and business, weaving life into the mix meant digging up my own emotions before I could coach others on theirs.

Once I enrolled in the life coaching program, which was both terrifying and enthralling, I set out to document the journey over on Forth Chicago, the intentional community I’m a co-founder of.


Throughout my 12-month program, I have committed to sharing my thoughts and discoveries on the process here so you can see what went into this piece of my coaching puzzle.

It got emotional, it got messy, and I came out with a ton of new perspectives on life and business that I can’t wait to share with you.

But I’ll leave you with these posts to mull over for now. Enjoy!

Owning My Feelings or At Least Trying To 


Owning My This or That 


Getting out of my own way



*Feature and post images courtesy of the ever-so-talented, Kelly Allison.


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