Hi there wildly magnetic leader, yes, you. Guess what? You’ve got a problem. What got you to where you are today, is exactly what’s keeping you stuck. Things are good, but you desire more.

You’re paid to create award-winning campaigns, generate the biggest ROI, and inspire teams to do and to do it again, and again, and…you get the picture. It leaves you burnt out, a little bored, and wondering, “Is this all there is?”

What’s missing is your clear vision. If you are ready to create a future vision that ignites your creativity and relishes in passionate, purposeful action, I’m your coach. If you’re ready for a future that embodies all of you personally, professionally, and with a dash of soul, let’s get started today.

My clients are leaders in media and entertainment companies, partners of creative studios, leaders of high-performing global teams, lawyers, and SaaS leaders.

“Lisa, you have been the highlight of my year, the sherpa of my purpose journey! That you for teaching me exactly who I was, what a simple but profound idea.”

“Lisa’s energy is contagious! She helped me look beyond the stereotypical checklist of a job. Her questions weren’t always easy but they made me think about what truly made me happy to go to work every day.”


How do I  work with clients?

  • I create personalized experiences, in Chicago or in my client’s hometown, but the most important experience happens in their mind
  • I use design thinking and certified leadership coaching to get straight to the heart of what’s getting in the way
  • I guide my clients through my Intuitive Life and Leadership Signature Program
  • I facilitate my clients to create their future vision through my Clear Vision Program
  • I lead my clients to build more inner trust so they can inspire trust in their teams and organizations
  • I teach my clients how to expand their self-awareness so they can communicate clearly with compassion and understanding
  • I coach my clients to create a soul-filled relationship with their intuition so they can express their flavor of leadership through personal branding and thought leadership

“Lisa has what it takes to inspire others to see themselves as stars in a common vision. Once you can do that, you can do anything, and Lisa helps us do just that!” Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing Association


My clients become confident, creative, courageous leaders who trust their intuition. They know how to laser focus on what matters most and make the biggest impact. They are curious, compassionate and have more energy than they once thought possible.


My clients experience breakthroughs in their leadership seen in increased income, high-level promotions, opportunities to speak, lead global teams, and represent their organizations internationally.

When you are ready to flourish in your life, leadership, and livelihood, here are a few ways we can work together.

introductory coaching session icon

Not ready to dive into a full engagement, but want to dip your toe in the water? Get sound advice and a fresh perspective with no strings attached. You can book your introductory session below for $97.

This is my signature offering that creates the most magnetic results. People look to you for answers because you’re a future-focused leader. At the same time, you crave motivation, inspiration, and accountability. I personalize all of my 1-1 engagements to create your highest life and leadership goals. Get in touch to see if we are a match.

The Mastermind is a community of ambitious executives and entrepreneurs who are doing the inner mindset work to expand their energy and elevate their intuition so they can show up as powerful magnetic leaders. Enrollment opens twice a year in January and July.

Book your introductory session

You need a creative leadership coach that is a personal and energetic match for you. Let’s have a real-life session to see if we are in alignment with the type of inner and outer work you want to do. Don’t worry, there’s no big sales pitch at the end, in fact, you’ll leave your session with actionable steps that start you on your path forward.

Find a date and time that work for you using my online calendar. Once booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation and invoice. I’m looking forward to learning more about you.