Grounding Techniques for Transformational Leaders

Grounding Techniques for Transformational Leaders

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In this post, you will learn how to navigate the turbulent waters of life and leadership through the eyes of a transformational leader.


Just as boats must maintain their integrity to stay afloat, we too must protect our energy from external pressures and self-doubt.

Here’s what to expect:

  • How to understand the importance of staying true to yourself amidst external forces.
  • Strategies for generating high vibrational energy to lead with confidence and creativity.
  • How to identify and address power leaks that drain your energy
  • Practical techniques for grounding yourself in your personal power
  • Embrace your role as the captain of your ship

Growing up, I spent countless hours sailing with my dad, this photo was taken at Mission Bay in San Diego. Those early lessons on the water taught me about sailing and life and leadership—especially the importance of staying vigilant against the internal “Power Leaks” that can silently drag us down.

Boats don’t capsize simply because there’s wind; they don’t sink merely because they are surrounded by water. Instead, boats sink where there is a hole that allows what’s outside to get inside.

They also sink when you don’t pay attention to your surroundings. It might be a strong wind gust that capsizes you, or perhaps you don’t come about quickly enough and end up running into the rocky bottom of the lake.

Notice how similar occurrences happen in life.

When you aren’t paying attention to outside forces, you risk compromising your energy and connection to your highest self. It may start as a small crack in your mindset—like when you say yes to something you genuinely want to decline. Or when you work over the weekend to please your boss, but deep down, you know it’s not aligned with how you want to show up in the world. It’s depleting your spirit, leaving you feeling angry and resentful at the end of a long Sunday. Yet, you keep making choices based on what others expect of you, so naturally, they keep asking, and your little crack gets bigger.

Or perhaps you know a difficult conversation is looming. You’ve decided to leave your job or be candidly honest with your partner, and it’s tearing you up inside, so you avoid the conversation again and again. Avoidance leaves you luffing in the wind, like a sail that’s making a lot of noise but isn’t catching any wind. Instead, it’s flapping around like one of those inflatable figures you see at gas stations. It makes a big scene, attracts attention, and then onlookers simply shrug and move on.

So, how do you protect your energy and maintain a connection to your highest self? 

Get Ahead of Yourself


Like the wind, external circumstances can change without warning. One day we have a job, the next day we don’t. One day our child is healthy, the next they’re home with the flu or worse. Protecting your inner sanctuary becomes even more critical when others rely on you for support. You are the leader of your company; you are the leader of your community, yet you are left feeling depleted and numb.

You can get ahead of yourself by generating high vibrational energy before walking into a tough conversation or making a bold move. This can be achieved through mantras, meditations, or, as I often do, using “I am” statements:

  • I am calm.
  • I am wildly creative.
  • I am a fantastic writer.
  • I am a transformational leader.

Who do you want to be? Declare it out loud and be that now.

Power Leaks


What about those pesky cracks on your starboard side that are quickly turning into a big hole?

We’ve all experienced damage control. You’re spending your energy removing water from inside the boat, yet it still seems to keep filling up. Then another hole appears, and you move to that hole to start emptying that side, and then the next hole appears, and so on.

It’s you who is responsible for keeping your boat afloat and in flow toward what you are most committed to. Where are you focusing more on power leaks rather than powerfully protecting your highest self?

Power leaks are a sneaky way to mask our fear. Because hey, piloting your own ship, especially in uncharted waters with big goals, is daunting.

When I set a big audacious goal, I get all amped up about it and go full out…until I almost reach it. Then, I shift the goal a bit to the left or right, just out of reach, so I have to keep going, never quite reaching my goal. This form of fear reinforces the thought, “See, Lisa, you just aren’t great, you’re only good enough.”

Maybe your power leak is perfectionism. You come up with a brilliant idea to create a series of videos for your staff or social media about a really cool idea, and then you talk yourself out of it. “My skin looks terrible today; I don’t want to do my hair. You know what? These ideas aren’t really all that. Maybe I should just send an email instead.” And so, perfectionism begins to flood your mindset with mediocrity and small moves masked in negative self-esteem and self-talk.

Here are some other power leaks:

  • Not wanting to rock the boat
  • Always rocking someone else’s boat
  • Not being willing to get in the boat
  • Not having a destination
  • Not asking for directions
  • Not having a co-captain
  • Having too many boats
Energy Techniques for Transformational Leaders

So, how do you powerfully protect your highest self?


Commit to it.

Who you are and what you are meant to create in this lifetime is much bigger than being right or not wanting to rock the boat. That’s fear talking, and we don’t need to spend our time fighting fear; if we did, we’d lose, as fear will poke too many holes in the boat to keep afloat. Instead, get present to your highest commitment to yourself and others—which, for my clients, typically revolves around being a guiding light of creative, soulful leadership. Then, from that intention, I recommend a technique that simply follows your breath to create presence and help you refocus on your commitment.

Stand up with your arms resting easily at your sides. Shake out any energy that’s stuck in your shoulders. I literally will shake it off like Taylor Swift; it helps. Then take a few deep breaths to connect to your body.

As you inhale, imagine a line of energy reaching up to the sky as high as you can go. Then, as you exhale, that same line of energy comes back down your entire body through your crown chakra down to your toes and grounds you deep into the earth, as if you are growing roots in the layers of the earth with your exhale. Repeat the elevated inhale up to the sky to collect peace, creativity, and clarity, and the grounding exhale down into the earth for support and safety.

This simple visualization will leave you grounded in your own personal power.

I know that you are capable of amazing things. In flow, anything is possible. Be the captain of your ship, helms alee!

Grounding Techniques for Transformational Leaders
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Energy Techniques for Transformational Leaders