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January Mid-Month Intention Setting

I went Live on Instagram for our January mid-month intention setting check-in! And I have quite a frightening story for you that happened during my mid-month…

Let me share with you what happened on my birthday, January 9th, but first hop over here for the first of the month intention setting on the New Year!

I decided to pull a tarot card on my birthday and asked “what can I expect this year?” and what do you think I pulled…

The “death” card!!! TERRIFYING!

It was SUPER uncomfortable and I sat there uneasy for a while. I thought, “should I put it back in? No one will notice.”

I decided to pull out my handy dandy tarot card guide. Now, if you guys don’t already know my approach to tarot, it’s not supposed to be a doomsday scenario. It’s a place to look and question and be curious. To come up with creative answers and reflect. You are still in full control and have sovereignty over your life. You have power over what happens no matter what.

So the guide said the death card does not mean physical death. It means that something significant is about to come to an end to make way for a new beginning.

This card means transformation.

I started thinking about how relevant this suddenly became to my life because currently, I am creating something huge for you guys in my business. And I also noticed that I was approaching these methods of the cards as I thought I should. I needed to let this approach go and transform. I need to do what feels good and make it fun because, at the end of the day, that is one of my core values.

What for you could be transformed if you let go of how you “think” you should do it? What if you let that feeling die, and instead, create from a place that meets your core values? That meets your heart and soul to help you become who you want to be?

And if you haven’t already heard, I’m hosting my first free Masterclass of 2022! I’ll be sharing with you everything that’s going to help you get out of your own way, and laser-focus on building a clear message for your personal and professional brand. We start on January 31st. Sign up here and I’ll see you there!




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