January 2022 Intention Setting

January Intention Setting

“New Year, New You”

To be honest, I’m not a big believer in ‘this is the day everything changes and I stop smoking and start working out’ etc. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all great! But I believe in setting intentions that you’re actually going to create based on how you want to feel. AKA why I went LIVE on Instagram – to do some January intention setting with you all.


I want you to get centered on how you want to feel in 2022. How do you want to feel this week? Today? Tomorrow? When we do this and really focus on that feeling, we are already one step ahead of the game with our subconscious.

I’m going to be hosting a free online event with the Women’s Forum on January 26th, where we talk about vision boarding. But instead of grabbing pictures on Pinterest of things we want to buy for ourselves or things we want to receive in order to feel something, we are going to use our 5 senses to remind ourselves how we want to feel.

I hate to sound morbid… but imagine that all of your friends and family are celebrating your funeral celebration (I know, ridiculous, but keep reading). You’re listening from the heavens about all the wonderful things they’re sharing and celebrating about you. Now imagine we have 365 days to write that script – that funeral celebration of all the things you have become, overcome, and created for who you are.

Now let’s narrow it down even MORE! In these 365 days, what is one thing you want to overcome?

Some areas in your life you can look at:

  • Your relationship with your body
  • Your well-being
  • Spirituality
  • Mental and physical health
  • Relationship to yourself and others
  • Creativity
  • Your lifestyle

I challenge you to focus on this area, get clear on the feeling, and witness the incredible change to come from it.

For the whole month of January, I’m going to be giving away a workbook that I created and used with professionals at NBC Universal to create their 2022 vision. It focuses on how you want to feel, using the map of consciousness. So stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter to get all the updates if you haven’t already with this link!

Keep in touch! I want to know all the ways you’re sparking your New Year.

What to look forward to for Be Bright Lisa in 2022:

  • My book is being released in late summer!
  • A membership training program for mindset marketing called Clear Vision U
  • An updated list of services that I will be posting on my Instagram
  • Tons of new podcast episodes, featuring special guests, on Find Your Clear Vision



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