How to Define a Clear Vision for Life After the Pandemic

What if you could reenter the world with confidence and ease into life after the pandemic?  Now is the time to redefine who you intended to be.  By following a framework for a clear vision, it is possible. 

For so long, we’ve done what we are told by the media, by our boss, by society, or the worst offender: the small inner voice.  After the dark comes the dawn, and it’s time to reclaim what is rightfully yours — a clear vision that shines out your highest and best self. Design a life that happens on purpose and stop allowing it to simply pass you by.

To define a clear vision for life after the pandemic, I designed a process called the Clear Vision Model Process: 

  • Clear Concept
  • Legit & Long-lasting
  • Expanded Energy
  • Aspirational Success
  • Rooted in Celebration


Clear Concept

Identifying your concept and then clarifying it are the first two steps to a clear vision.  What is it that you want to do? Your concept could be as big as creating space for community, promoting empowerment through publishing an online magazine, or personally transforming by creating a health and wellness plan. Your vision could also be more simple, say perhaps, weekly grocery store runs.

Anything is possible but defining what you want to do and why you want to do it is the best place to start.


Legit & Long-lasting

How committed are you to this concept as you define a clear vision for life after the pandemic?  Is it a concept that can live under current conditions?  Can it pivot to meet society as we all evolve?  Are you ready to stand by your concept and believe it in before others follow?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself to ensure your concept is legitimate and long-lasting versus a short-term unreachable goal.


Expanded Energy 

When you are living in an intuitive mindset connected to your expanded energy, you are literally creating who you are in real-time.  We rarely discuss WHO we want to BE.  Culture and modern society instead constantly bombards us with the question “What do you want to do?”

If you let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are holding you back from being your fullest expression, especially for life after the pandemic as this year has been the definition of limiting, you will turn on empowered beliefs.  In doing so, you alert your subconscious mind of who you are becoming–empowered and fully expressed–a clear version of yourself.


Aspirational Success

It’s here I think of SMART goals.  Typically, A is for Achievable in the SMART goal setting model.  However, I want you to think of Aspirational Success for a clear vision.  When you aspire to create something it is not only achievable but inspirational.  Success is defined as who you want to be, not what you want to achieve.  What are the qualities of someone you want to be? Are you embodying those qualities? If not, what can you change?


Rooted in Celebration

Creativity is fun. It’s playful and filled with pure imagination. As we redefine life after the pandemic, how can you celebrate all of the little moments? How can you celebrate yourself more consistently?

Defining life after the pandemic isn’t easy. Give yourself grace and understanding. Be honest with yourself and others when something feels off. Take it slow and allow your mind and body to rest, hydrate, and meditate. Returning to ‘normalcy’ is not a race, so try to remain calm and positive even when those around you appear to adjust more rapidly than you.

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Be Bright Lisa



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