February intention setting - self-love

February Intention Setting

I love February intention setting for a few reasons – it’s the end of January (which means winter is that much closer to ending here in the mid-west), it’s my parent’s anniversary, it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s Galentine’s Day, and most importantly, our intention for this month is SELF-LOVE. Watch my IGTV right here!

Only YOU can self-love yourself. Only YOU have control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Only YOU can love yourself so much that it leaves your body to share with another human. That’s the kind of self-love I’m talking about.

This month, I’m doing a love ritual with my best friend from college, Ingrid Keir. She’s sharing this love ritual with a small group of people. I’m super stoked about it not only because it’s something new for me to try, but it will also help anchor into me.

I want to give a few other small ways to anchor into yourself.

  • The next time you put lotion on yourself, do it in a way that you are thanking your arms, your fingers, your neck, your legs, for supporting you each and every day.
  • Start saying self-affirmations to yourself. These are so important and something I hammer home frequently because of how beneficial they truly are. When we tell ourselves something, we’re alerting our subconscious mind that something is happening. If you wake up and say to yourself “I’m tired”, your mind is going to be like “OK we’re going to be tired!” The things you tell yourself are the things your mind is going to believe are true.

Now for this love ritual, I had to get the following in order to properly perform it:

  • 2 candles, one to represent my self-love, and the other to represent love to someone else/my partner
  • Rose quartz
  • Palo Santo – incense that I burned in a counterclockwise way to release energy that no longer serves me
  • Roses so that I can sprinkle the petals in the bathtub, with some essential oils, to fill myself with new energy

Why am I doing this love ritual? Because I crave to learn new ways to uplevel my energy. I’m always intrigued to try on new things.

I’m loving myself in a new, special way.

That is my invitation to you this month – LOVE yourself in a new, special way.

Email me  or DM me! I want to know what this kind of self-love looks like for you.

Happy self-love month, friends.




Be Bright Lisa



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