The Business Results from Coaching 22 Live Presentations

I’m sharing the business results from coaching 22 live presentations in 2020. The practice of consistently showing up, lead to massive insights about my level of confidence in business and as a holistic leader.

You can read the first post here about my personal commitment here. 2020 was a growth year in many ways, not just from a courage, commitment and confidence standpoint, but from a financial point of view as well. I invested in hiring support, I had my most profitable year, and I used the age-old marketing technique of staying in the conversation to create community.

There were 3 major milestones and business results in coaching during my commitment journey, none of which would be possible without hiring help and asking for support. I hired my first Virtual Assistant, Mary Hallahan, who helped with my marketing, planning, technical details, and follow-up for the presentations. I’ll be sharing more details about how all the planning went down in the next post. Here are the major milestones that lead to increased income and community. If you are a coach or business owner and want to up your game without self-doubt, you are welcome to join me for an introductory coaching session.

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1st Milestone: The Kick-off

Uncertainty, fear, and a general sense of “What the hell is happening?” were at their peak when I launched my first live workshop called The Power of Intention. I shared more than 25 mindset and leadership tools over the next two months.

I didn’t have specific business results in mind when I kicked off the series, until a new weeks later when I laser-focused on how to use my platform to generate business. I kicked off the first of two group coaching programs: The Power Pack and Be Bright Personal Branding Masterclass.

Both filled within a month, and a client renewed their contract. I created $5,000 in additional revenue in April.


2nd Milestone: The Prices

At the end of April, I decided to raise my 1-1 coaching prices. A small voice in my head told me, “Lisa, this isn’t the time to raise your prices; are you crazy?! People are losing their jobs, their lives! What if no one signs up?! Don’t be selfish!” 

Self-doubt is the glue that keeps you stuck, especially when you are stretching outside of your comfort zone. When the stakes are high you have to get out of your head and into your heart.

I could have taken a backseat and listened to my smaller self beckoning me to play small. To believe the thought that I was crazy and my coaching wasn’t worth a higher price tag. Instead, I listened to my intuition and kept going. I raised my prices and doubled-down my professional giving through:

  • Free workshops
  • Free discovery sessions for referrals
  • Free group programs for clients
  • Monthly donations to BIPOC groups and my church which went virtual in March 2020

What I’m most proud of, in this whole adventure, is that my actions created the opportunity to donate funds specifically to BIPOC organizations after taking the Antiracism Small Business Pledge. I have donated time and funds to organizations like Dress for Success in the past, but giving back to communities and causes I care about became a grounding force in my 2020 business strategy.


3rd Milestone: The Prism Effect

Before I became a creative leadership coach I was a graphic designer and owned the branding studio Step Brightly, so naturally, I think in visuals. Play along with me here: imagine you are a prism and have two choices in how you reflect light. You can either refract light all over the place and feel rather dazed and confused in all of the activity, or you can choose to bring light through a single source, let’s say, the top of your prism, and then you choose where you want to send the light out, how you want to laser focus your energy outwards. When you are laser-focused in how you want to shine your light out to others, they are inspired by your light. And when people are inspired, they share. This is the Prism Effect: focusing your purpose through a single source and sharing your purpose in an intentional way creates inspiration, influence and ultimately change.

In July, after 12 live presentations, I signed 3 new full-time clients and started the Divine Design Mastermind for ambitious women who want to align their professional and spiritual life. This resulted in $34,375 additional income. To give you some perspective I typically sign 1-2 new full-time clients a month, so this was a big step for me particularly during the pandemic.

By October I received a handful of offers from companies, like the American Marketing Association, IAWomen, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago, and private tech companies, to host private workshops for their leadership groups. This is a result of the Prism Effect, the more I choose to show up and shine my gifts and talents out, the more they are seen and felt by others.


Business lessons learned:

Don’t listen to your smaller self ➡️ Listen to your intuition

Don’t ghost ➡️ Stay connected

Don’t wait for opportunities ➡️ Create them

Don’t take more than you give ➡️ Always give more than you take

Don’t play it safe ➡️ Stretch more than you think you can

Don’t stop because it’s hard ➡️ Nurture and tend to your self-care like an exquisite personal leader

Don’t lower your standards ➡️ Raise your prices

Check out all of the comments I got on this article on LinkedIn about what these folks’ best lesson learned from 2020 was. Beautiful reflections from how to take care of themselves, their clients and their money in a lot of new and exciting ways. The business results from coaching–or even self-coaching are exponential!

business results from coaching ROI 2 business results from coaching ROI



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