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I am thrilled to be hosting the Be Bright Mastermind again. This time is even more special to me as it’s the first group following the pandemic. The last 18 months affected all of us in so many ways, and we are now given this beautiful opportunity to redefine our lives and how we live them. I hope you’ll join me to proactively craft your story and bring your personal brand to life through the Be Bright Mastermind. 


What is the Be Bright Mastermind? 

The Be Bright Mastermind is a 5-month experience for heart-centered professional women who are ready to design their life and personal brand from the inside out. I designed it to support and foster growth among women who want more from life. 


Who is it for? 

It’s for women that want a more intentional, mindful life to be their best and most content selves. The women who join me are driven yet practical. They want to redefine their new normal in a proactive way. Be Bright Mastermind women bring their whole selves to the table unapologetically and empathetically. They have an interest in high-level leadership as well as root chakra meditations.


How much time is involved? 

We will meet once a week for three weeks out of the month.  The fourth week of the month will always be focused on personal integration work to complete on your own time.  I recommend women dedicate at least two hours a week.  One hour for meetings and one hour for reflection. 


What if I can’t make one of the meetings? 

Our virtual meetings are recording so you’re able to watch them on your own time if you’re unable to join us.  


What will I get out of it? 

Our work comes to life through mindset work, personal branding, and expert speakers as well as a bonus in-person event.  Pinch me for this post-pandemic moment!


Each month will follow a set flow allowing us to dive deep into meaningful topics and the theme of the month.  Here is how our time together breaks out: 


WEEK 1: A workshop with Lisa introducing our monthly theme ranging from divine feminine leadership, personal branding with purpose, future visioning, creating a whole-self holistic strategy, and more.


WEEK 2: Hot seat coaching. This is your opportunity to hop into the hot seat for 1-1 coaching that inspires you and your peers. We are truly better together, plus it’s time to share as a community and support each other’s projects and dreams.


WEEK 3: Expert Speakers interviewed by Lisa. Each month Lisa hand-picks an expert from her community of creative and spiritual leaders to share topics relevant to you like money mindset, brand building, LinkedIn, and personal storytelling.


WEEK 4: Personal Integration Week! This week we are not meeting live, instead, you are assigned a Mastermind Partner to pair with and support each other. The Be Bright Community is always open. Get extra with your insights, personal projects, and community support in our private community.


What will I learn? 

You’ll learn and define who you want to be in this new era.  You will have the support of me, my expert panelists and your fellow mastermind members to create the space that allows you to unfold the revised you. 


What have others said about the event? 

“My biggest takeaway was the holistic life strategy, where you can be intentional and focus on your mind, body and soul. How they play together is necessary to meeting your purpose, and now I have all the tools.” – Andrea Threet, Lawyer in DC


“I signed up for the mastermind while I was working on my book because it gave me an opportunity to look at the spiritual aspects of things and create a mindset of slowing down to focus on me.” – Laurie T., Tech Executive in Silicon Valley


What if I told you that you can define your personal brand, too? 

I’ve outlined additional experiences that will allow you to fully define your personal brand and create your website by December 2021 as well. For more information, click here

So what do you say? Are you ready to define your life and join me?  Click here and let’s grow together.




Be Bright Lisa



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