Most entrepreneurs live their life–and run their business–by default, running in circles going nowhere, overwhelmed but, for what? Most entrepreneurs believe a creative mindset is a luxury compared to their to-do list that’s neverending and quite frankly, dull.

That’s no way to do business.

If you want to get outrageously clear on the future vision for you + your business, remove all limiting beliefs of “why not” and “not now” and be the confident business leader you know you can, I’m your coach. If you’re looking for a combo of entrepreneurial spirit, brand strategy, marketing expertise, and certified creative mindset coaching, you’re in the right place.

What's coaching with Lisa like?

Creative Mindset Coaching + Brand Coaching means you will 

  • Become a powerful intuitive leader
  • Make prosperous business ideas make a reality
  • Build massive inner trust in who you are and what you do
  • Take passionate action that’s aligned with your creative spirit
  • Expand your energy to radiate through your life + business
  • Make space for magic, laughter, and adventure

What you should know about coaching with me: 

  • I 150 percent believe in you, and your future
  • You aren’t perfect, and that’s fantastic
  • Overwhelm isn’t your full-time job
  • Coaching is not a ‘fix,’ it’s a transformation of the status quo
  • You’ll take radical life-altering steps, and see tangible results
  • You’ll probably make more money and have more fun
  • We’ll laugh, we’ll cry and it’ll be awesome
leadership mindset coach for business owners

“I finally decided to take the leap of faith that had been nagging me for years. I wasn’t sure what to do next, what steps to take, or where to begin– that’s when I decided to hire with Lisa.”

“Lisa has so much range in the areas she’s tapped into. You’ve got to get your own sh*t together before you can lead or be a visionary. It’s the coming together and falling apart of who you were and who you are becoming that makes working with her so special.”

When you are ready to flourish in your life, leadership, and livelihood here are a few ways we can work together.

introductory coaching session icon

Not ready to dive into a full engagement, but want to dip your toe in the water? Get sound advice and a fresh perspective with no strings attached. You can book your introductory session below for $97.

This is my signature offering that creates the most magnetic results. People look to you for answers because you’re a future-focused leader. At the same time, you crave motivation, inspiration, and accountability. I personalize all of my 1-1 engagements to create your highest life and leadership goals. Get in touch to see if we are a match.

The Mastermind is a community of ambitious executives and entrepreneurs who are doing the inner mindset work to expand their energy and elevate their intuition so they can show up as powerful magnetic leaders. Enrollment opens twice a year in January and July.

Book your introductory session

You need a creative mindset + brand coach that understands your challenges through an entrepreneurial lens.

Someone who has marketing, branding, and business sense. Let’s have a real-life session to see if we are in alignment with the type of inner and outer work you want to do to create your business with confidence. Don’t worry, there’s no big sales pitch at the end of our session, in fact, you’ll leave with actionable steps that start you on your path forward.

Find a date and time that work for you using my online calendar. Once booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation and invoice. I’m looking forward to learning more about you.

“Lisa brings a sixth sense to her sessions. You’re getting a powerhouse when you hire her.”

“It’s one thing to be given advice, and another thing to actually create it and be energized when you do it.”