what is not a personal brand

What a Personal Brand is, and What It’s Not

Do you need personal branding for your Instagram or LinkedIn posts? Maybe a logo, resume, header image, or the whole kit and caboodle?

Sorry, that’s not personal branding.

Personal branding a way of being. It’s who you are being.


K, technically, yes, all those things are part of your business or personal brand and you’ll often see them sold together as “branding” on many designers’ websites. But it’s still not branding. You are missing the key ingredient to a successful brand for a thought leader: Your Inner Platform.

Branding is, as my celebrity crush, Seth Godin puts it, is, “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

In no part of that definition did you see the words logo, fonts, or even design.

Personal branding is building stories, memories, and relationships. It’s adding consistent intuitive value and building outer trust.

You used to be able to get away with slapping your resume on LinkedIn, adding a profile picture, and occasionally posting an article or two that you like (but probably didn’t read, and neither will anyone else). Or maybe you found a fancy logo in a script font for business cards. Nowadays a brand encompasses, and requires, so much more.

To create a successful personal brand experience you have to show up on purpose, with purpose. You need to deeply connect to your intuition, and energy and have a clear vision, and you have to do it on every brand touchpoint.

brand touchpoint includes any platform you touch your customers, clients, or potential employers, like your LinkedIn page, personal website, social media channels, a thank you note, and oftentimes your leadership. Literally, everything people come into contact with.


Because crafting a successful personal brand or a thought leadership platform originates from a series of ongoing conversations, both visual and verbal, which come together to create a brand experience.

That means you can’t treat branding like it’s a line item on your day’s to-do list.

Personal branding a way of being. It’s who you are being.

I was having a conversation with someone last week who told me that I have an “intuitive way” of being on social media. She said how I show up online is how I am in real life. “Both of me” were in alignment. I was thrilled! This way of being creates a sense of ease that I’ve been working towards for years.

My social media hasn’t always been this way, and I definitely struggled with what to share at times, what was “too much” and trying to impress others. All of which left me drained and attracting the wrong clients. Once I realized the “answer” to social media comes from a deep sense of knowing who I am and what I want, I was able to show up on social media intuitively and attract my ideal clients.

You’re probably like, “That’s great Lisa, now what? How do I do that for me?”


3 steps to create a personal brand

3 Steps to Create a Magnetic Personal Brand Experience


1.) Approach your brand holistically

“Approaching your brand from a holistic perspective means your entire emotional, visual, and verbal identity is in alignment with who you are being.” Lisa Guillot

Pause: Who you are Being? That’s the big deal.

Social Media has created a constant conversation between you and your audience. This is also true for people who are making a career change. Your personal brand is alive and kicking on LinkedIn, Google, and all of your social media. Google yourself. See what life your personal brand has taken on if you haven’t been tending to it.

A positive and long-lasting brand experience needs to be drawn from your inner platform: your true authentic being, if you want it to resonate and create the memories Seth Godin talks about.


2.) Continually gut-check and knock out your fears

As a creative mindset coach and personal brand expert for professional women who value intuition, empathy, magnetism, and flow – qualities that are innately part of their intuition, I don’t put life and business in their own neat and separate boxes, because that’s not how life works.

Nope. Who I am being is the same in a personal or business conversation. I bring my intuitive self to the table.

Life and your life’s work intertwine and continually play off one another, and chances are, I’m telling you something you already know.

What you may not know is that your fears and self-doubt will show up in your brand or personal brand experience if you’re not connected to your intuition.

Are you disorganized, living in a constant state of overwhelm, or you fear you don’t have enough time? Those ways of being will bleed into your brand experience in a heartbeat (been there, done that).


3.) Consistently know-up and show-up

So far, almost everything I’ve talked about relates to you, you, you. Now it’s time to talk about them. The “them” being your audience.

Crafting a personal brand experience your audience will fall in love with means you have to consistently be learning about them.

Here’s a practice for you this week: write down 10 places your audience likes to hang out online: go to them, get involved, comment, research.

  • Employers in search of the perfect candidate? LinkedIn and industry groups
  • Customers in search of wellness products? Instagram
  • Clients in search of life coaches? Google and they are asking their friends
  • Customers in search of fitness classes? Facebook

Get curious and inquisitive everywhere. Listen more than you talk, ask questions, follow-up, be present. After every group coaching program I host, like my Be Bright Personal Mastermind, I send out a Google Form to gather feedback on what went well and what didn’t.

Get curious, ask people what they want. There’s a lot more work that goes into creating a magnetic personal brand experience, and these 3 pillars are the starting point.

Now I want to know: Are you approaching your brand or personal brand from an intuitive perspective? Are you purposefully ignoring one (or more) of these practices because you don’t know what the first step is?

I’d love to help you break through the self-doubt and become more you.



Be Bright Lisa