Lisa, what do you do?

My cousin is a lawyer (as is much of my family!) and saw that I went to the Rich Litvin Coaching Intensive in April. He thought it looked like fun, (which it was, mindblowing in fact!) but didn’t understand what I do for a living. So after laughing to myself, I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to share what a transformational leadership coach does.

It’s often deeply boring to talk about “what you do for a living” so instead I want to share who I do it for, what inspires me about my clients, and at the end of the video I’m sharing 3 coaching questions….and if you have these questions handled, you don’t need a coach.

I believe that everyone is the leader of their life…and…funny thing…we all have a life, just this one, let’s make it amazing. We all have the opportunity to transform into who we truly desire being in life. Silly metaphor, but totally relevant, we have the power to transform our leadership, in all areas of our lives, just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful buttterfly.

I’m a life and leadership coach and brand strategist. My jam is to blend design thinking with leadership coaching tools and techniques. Leadership is 80% mindset and 20% strategy, and that’s how I structure my sessions. I love working with ambitious men and women. Most of my clients come to me and say, “I have big goals I’m really inspired by, but have no idea how to make them happen, I already do too much.” Or, get ready for these:

“I don’t run my life, my life runs me.”

“My energy is so divided I have none left for myself.”

“I’m afraid that nothing will ever change.”

“I’ve been hustling for years, and it’s exhausting.”

“I’m burning out, but going nowhere.”

These are people who are surviving, not thriving in their career, people who’s job “just fell in my lap and I don’t know what to do next.” Most people live their lives, and careers by default, and that’s not empowering.

I also work with people whose businesses are flourishing, but feel burdened by the pressure to do more. Leaders and emerging leaders who are feeling the stress to lead by example, but don’t know what inspires them and what they stand for.

Behind every brand, business and career is a human being: a leader who has a life, energy that needs to be managed, emotions that need to be felt and relationships that need to be nurtured.

Oh, and they need to be successful in that enormous role at work. This is my jam, what I love doing and who I love working with.

At the end of the video, I’m sharing 3 questions….which…if you have handled…you don’t need a coach, seriously. In fact, you should call me and tell me your secrets.

1. What will I focus on?

2. What does it mean to me?

3. What will I do?

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This is your invitation to transform your tomorrow.