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What does a Creative Life Coach do? Beyond the Job Title

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Over the weekend, my cousin spotted me at a coaching intensive workshop in Santa Monica California. He found it intriguing, and rightly so—it was mind-blowingly fun! However, the inevitable question arose: “What exactly does a creative life coach do?”

Rather than diving into the mundane talk about “what you do for a living,” I saw this as a golden opportunity to share not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘who’ and ‘why’ behind my work as a creative life coach.

In fact, I’m wrapping up with three powerful coaching questions at the end that, if you’ve got them covered, might just mean you don’t need a creative life coach!

I firmly believe that everyone is the leader of their own life. It’s a funny thing—we all have this one life, so why not make it amazing? We possess the opportunity to transform into the individuals we truly desire to be in life. It’s a bit like the caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly—a seemingly silly metaphor, yet totally relevant. We have the power to transform our leadership in all areas of our lives.

As a creative life coach and brand strategist, I’m all about blending design thinking with leadership coaching tools and techniques.


I structure my sessions with the belief that leadership is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. The magic happens when we integrate these elements. I thrive on working with ambitious men and women who often express, “I have these big goals I’m really inspired by, but I’m drowning in the ‘how’ and already doing too much.” Or brace yourself for these familiar refrains:

“I don’t run my life; my life runs me.”

“My energy is scattered, and I have none left for myself.”

“I’m afraid that nothing will ever change.”

“I’ve been hustling for years, and it’s exhausting.”

“I’m burning out, but going nowhere.”

These are the folks who are surviving, not thriving in their careers. They’re the ones saying, “My job just fell into my lap, and I don’t know what to do next.” Living life and navigating a career by default is disempowering, and that’s where I come in.

I also work with individuals whose businesses are flourishing but feel the weight of constant pressure to do more. Leaders and emerging leaders who are stressed about leading by example but aren’t quite sure what truly inspires them or what they stand for.

Behind every brand, business, and career is a human being—a leader who has a life, energy to manage, emotions to feel, and relationships to nurture. Oh, and they need to be successful in that significant work role. This is my jam, what I absolutely love doing, and the kind of people I love working with.

Now, onto three key questions for your own personal reflection. Treat this like you are coaching yourself, push yourself to come up with creative solutions, ideas and new possibilities, aim high friend:

  1. What will you focus on? Consider this a future-oriented question aimed at creating impact and shaping your future vision.

  2. What does it mean to you? Reflect on the meaning and significance of your focus—why it matters to you, your family, your loved ones, and your community.

  3. What will you do? This question prompts you to translate your focus and its meaning into actionable steps. Whether planning for tomorrow or envisioning five years ahead, a clear action plan is crucial.

If you’ve already answered these questions for yourself, I’d love to hear your insights or secrets! If any part of this resonates with you or you’re moving in something significant in your life, career or business, feel free to reach out. 

Be bright, Lisa

Life and Creative Leadership Coach in Chicago

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I'm Lisa Guillot, a Chicago-based Executive Mindset Coach for Creative Leaders, author of the best-selling book, Find Your Clear Vision. I’m a lover of ridiculously deep conversations, bright dopamine colors and house music.
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Featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the best new books for entrepreneurs looking to break the mold.

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