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How do I start a coaching engagement? Here’s the first practice we’ll do together.

Today I’m kicking off coaching engagements with two new clients. The beginning is always the most fun because I get to discover and explore my client’s personal essence.

So what’s a personal essence?

It’s your intuitive mindset, connection to your best self, it’s when you show up from a higher place that is in alignment with who you are and the impact you want to make.

So how do we find your personal essence?

We ask your friends, family, clients, people who know you and love you, who see you in this way of being most often. Watch the video to see the details and just how this design thinking and the conceptual process unfolds for this creative leader.


My clients are tasked to ask two specifically obtuse questions. When the answers come back they are a list of beautiful words like charismatic, independent, inspired, creative, welcoming, and approachable. Then I use design thinking to raise the level of energy, intention, and in theory, raise the roof of their personal being and brand.

After I highlight all of the language that is similar, I group them into five areas. So for example, if someone says the individual is full of grace and warmth, what’s the next level of grace and warmth?

Maybe it is sunshine, source or all-encompassing. This level of elevation creates pillars of opportunity for how this individual is going show up with their personal essence and personal brand in place.

In a typical client engagement, we co-create a launch plan to define what they want to do while working together. And more importantly, who they need to be to create their goals, and what needs to change. Together we go really deep and tune in with what they want to create in their life, personal brand, business or career. Then I’ll have a sense of which words resonate most and how they really show up at their best self.

If this resonates with you, and you want to know your personal essence and life purpose, book an introductory coaching session with me to get started.

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