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I’ve outlined the three over-arching concepts in my coaching practice as a creative mindset coach and personal and professional brand strategist: the Paradox of Self-Doubt, the Inner Platform, and the Outer Platform.

These concepts are the roadmap to becoming a transformational leader in your life, leadership, business, and personal brand.


1-1 Clients typically work with me for six months, and some for years, because they continue to up-level their intuitive mindset resulting in increased income and opportunities.

There are tons of coaches and consultants vying for your attention, so when you are ready to uplevel your life and career, I want you to find the best energetic match for you. You’ll know this type of coaching is right for you if you’re ready to break up with self-doubt and have agency over your life, livelihood and leadership from the inside out. This is a creative process built-in design thinking and self-awareness…best part? It’s fun too.


Part 1: Paradox of Self-Doubt

Corporate culture in America has taught us that we are paid for quantity over quality, for perfection over mistakes, and performance over learning. We are, in essence, trapped in the societal and cultural expectations of what we are supposed to do.

Yet inside you are waking up to the realization that this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The hamster wheel of outdated expectations may in fact be wrong, and your comfort zone of external validation is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

You’ve been downplaying the fullest expression of yourself because it doesn’t fit the mold. In the uncomfortable push and pull of what society expects of you, you desire more freedom in your day and inspiration in your work. You’re thinking, “If this is all there is, this sucks, but what am I going to do about it?”

Blowing up how you are ‘supposed to do’ life is a little scary because there’s no roadmap, so you start to hold on to the story that “It’s ok, just a few more years of this job then I’ll start looking.” or “I don’t have time to start a new relationship, I’m almost 40.” So you hold tight to the limiting story, that this is all there is, and you continue to loop the hamster wheel of your uncomfortable comfort zone.

Modern corporate culture is built around the belief that we will follow the rules and best practices of the collective mindset. Whose best practices are they? And what if you don’t want to follow the rules?

“Somehow we’ve completely internalized and accepted collectively this notion that creativity and suffering are somehow inherently linked and that artists, in the end, will always ultimately lead to anguish. And the question that I want to ask everybody here today is, are you guys all cool with that idea?”

Elizabeth Gilbert, TED Talk  2009

I’m not cool with it, and I’m guessing you aren’t either. That’s why you are here, reading this. You want agency over your life, you want to feel magnetic and hell, have fun while doing it! But you don’t know how. Well, you’re in luck.

Guy Raz, podcaster of NPR’s How I Built This, is often asked, “What makes a good leader?” He says that he always answers with the same response:


Self-doubters, you’re among friends! Welcome!

  • Self-doubt is the glue that keeps you stuck.
  • Stuck in the overwhelming, “I don’t have time to focus on that.”
  • Stuck in the burnout, “I don’t have the energy to do that.”
  • Stuck in the judgment, “I can’t believe they did that! I’ll never get there.”

Self-doubt is the gatekeeper that blocks the entrance to your future. It uses a classic disqualification strategy, stigmatizing you from the inside out, to keep your core limiting belief alive.

This is the beginning of our work together: identify the core limiting belief that’s keeping you stuck.

Clients come to me because they have an idea they want to make real.

  • Successfully change jobs + feel confident
  • Apply for a C-level job + have a family life
  • Become a published writer + partner at their agency
  • Build a new consulting practice + a wellness journey
  • Create a schedule to support their full-time job + write a book
  • Hire employees to take their business to the next level + feel abundant
  • Start a new business + trust themselves as an entrepreneur

Self-doubt will have you feeling that your idea is going too hard, or take forever, and be damn near impossible to create! And here’s the mindset opportunity: notice how your self-doubt has already defined how your idea is going to go? And it’s probably talked you out of getting started. It’s blocking you from your future.

Our first step is to break up with self-doubt, uncover the belief you are holding and recreate your future from the inside out. And here’s how…

Part 2: Build your Inner Platform

There are four creative mindset pillars to pop you out of the dropbox of self-doubt and into who you are meant to be:

  • Have a Clear Vision
  • Build Inner Trust
  • Expand your Energy
  • Create a relationship with your Intuition

Your Inner Platform is the foundational mindset work needed to create your life, livelihood, and leadership from a holistic and intuitive perspective. Equal awareness and action are taken, every day, to create harmony between your mind, body, and soul.

“Lisa is holistic and comprehensive at every angle. She coaches people to be a leader in every sense of the word, not just in a 1-dimensional way.”

Together we will build daily practices to connect to your intuition, prioritizing self-care and mindset work. I customize this process for each of my 1-1 clients until the foundation is built.

It’s a blend of mindset, neuroscience, spiritual work, and self-awareness, and it can be really fun. We’ll laugh, cry and it will be awesome.

“You got to get your own sh*t together before you can lead or be a visionary. It’s the coming together and falling apart of who you were and who you are, and Lisa has so much range in the areas she’s tapped into.”

As you are doing the inner mindset work you will be taking intentional action to create your future vision as a leader, and here’s how…


Part 3: Build your Outer Platform

I get a lot of inquires from people who want to create a personal brand, or a social media presence, a website, or write a book that will result in them becoming well-known. On the surface, this is the Outer Platform—how other people see and interact with you. And here’s the problem: without the foundation of an Inner Platform and a creative mindset, the Outer Platform lands flat. You can’t connect with someone who doesn’t have the depth or a clear vision. You can sense that there’s something missing and you don’t give that person a second thought.

This is why you see so many personal brands and thought leaders that look the same–super vanilla, boring and forgettable. And I don’t want that for you.

As you begin to trust yourself and your intuition, you naturally raise the energetic qualities of your Outer Platform. People will start to notice you in a different way, resulting in ideal job offers, super cool relationships, collaborations, and opportunities that are in alignment with what matters most to you.

Lisa radiates warmth, positivity, and enthusiasm. Her coaching and good energy were instrumental in the motivation to achieve my business goals of rebranding, launching a new website, and growing my social media.”

And, the best part? It feels awesome and gives you massive positive energy because it’s 100% you.

I work with my clients to design their life & brand from the inside out.


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I’ve outlined the three over-arching concepts and phases in my coaching practice as a creative mindset coach and brand coach, but the real work happens in 1-1 conversations because you are not a process you are a trailblazer. I don’t have a cookie-cutter strategy, I have foundational practices built-in transformational mindset work, and 20+ years of brand strategy that are a match for people who are ready to do the work.

Now is the time to drop how you thought life was supposed to go and uncover who you want to become. It’s not just a change in thinking, it’s a transformation of your mindset.

I’m in the business of leading you into a transforming relationship with your mindset so you can lead from a deeper inner trust and become magnetic. If you’re ready to see what this looks like for you, let’s have an introductory coaching session.

Instead of waiting for something better, create it.


“Simply put, Lisa is a bright light. Whether you’ve found yourself at a fork in the road, or perhaps the fog has become too thick to navigate through, call in Lisa to help. My experience with her is nothing short of transformational.”

Be Bright Lisa



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