6 steps to enhance your mindset and bring more joy into your busy life, from Chicago-based Creative Life Coach Lisa Guillot.

6 Steps to Enhance Your Mindset: from a Creative Life Coach

As a Creative Life Coach in Chicago, I know that creativity is not limited to just artists and designers, but is a fundamental expression of everyday life.


It is an expression of who you are, integrated into every action and thought. This is especially true for busy professionals and creative leaders who seek to bring more joy into their life.

In this article I share:
  • What design thinking is and how to use it
  • The 6-step creative process to build more creativity and joy into your busy life. 

And if you are new around here, hi. I’m Lisa Guillot, a Creative Life Coach and Executive Mindset Coach. I guide busy professionals and creative leaders to unlock their creative potential and design a life that reflects their true essence. Let’s get into it

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6 steps to enhance your mindset and bring more joy into your busy life, from Chicago-based Creative Life Coach Lisa Guillot.

After I reinvented my career and started my creative life coach practice in Chicago, an advertising executive asked, “Won’t you miss being creative?” “No,” I answered, and here’s why. Creativity is not reserved for creative types. Creativity is not an exclusive club that only artists, painters, dancers, and poets have a membership to.

Creativity is choosing to be you, on purpose, every day.

  • Creativity is finding flow in the chaos of parenthood.
  • Creativity is heard in heated conversations and protest chants.
  • Creativity is seen in the arch of a flower stem in your kitchen window on a sunny morning.
  • Creativity is felt in the energy you bring into a room.
  • Creativity is your quirks and eccentricities.

It’s layered into your senses, weaving together a new experience day in and day out, to make you become more of who you are on purpose. Creativity is the art of breaking down the barrier of who you think you are supposed to be and bringing to life more of who you are.

It’s a revolution that’s taking place right now. And you are in luck because creativity is learned, practiced, and shared. You are welcome to join the revolution and find your clear vision, if you want, or stay on the default timeline. Your choice.


The Design Thinking Process


If you are still reading, then you have said yes to yourself—and yes to your creativity. Hard part done.

Now, let’s talk about how to build a creative mindset and reap all the benefits that creativity will gift you.

A creative mindset comes to life using a method called design thinking, and it is integral to building your creative power. Whether you’re reinventing your mindset, career, or personal brand, using design thinking will give you agency to choose from curiosity rather than confusion, fun rather than fear. 

For example, I received this email from someone who read my book:

6 Steps to Enhance Your Mindset: from a Creative Life Coach

“I used your book as a guide and started painting how I wanted to feel, not how I was feeling. And there it was! Joy. Light. Color. Movement. Breaking apart boundaries. Just allowing my intuition to take over. Major mindshift!

So thank you. I know that you don’t always get to know the impact of the things you put out there, so it is important to me to let you know how grateful I am to you. You have nailed a great concept, and it works.”

Design thinking is the strategic process that design practitioners (like me when I was a graphic designer) use to make an idea real, to make the impossible come to life. Companies like Google and Apple use design thinking to create innovative solutions. DreamWorks and NBCUniversal use it to come up with fresh new ideas. Artists and designers use it to conceptualize art that hasn’t been created yet.

And now, as a Creative Life Coach, I’m going to show you how to use the six steps of design thinking to create your vision of joy.

6 Steps to Enhance Your Mindset Using the Creative Process

6 Steps to Enhance Your Mindset: from a Creative Life Coach

#1: Release Judgment

It’s easier to paint a picture with a blank canvas than one that is muddled with gray splotches. The problem is, you’re in a mess of your own making, oftentimes being your own worst enemy and stuck in the drama triangle when it comes to enhancing your mindset. 

That’s why this first, foundational step—releasing judgment—is so important.

Bringing your creative mindset to life isn’t a straightforward, linear process. You’ll stop yourself, get scared, try too hard, or fail and start over, carrying the baggage of past failure into the next attempt.

Your current mindset is substantially muddled with all the reasons why you you don’t have the time, are to busy, on and on.

The first step to enhance your mindset using the creative process is to release judgment of “Here’s why I can’t do it.” and focus on “Why not? Let’s do it!” instead.

#2: Brainstorm

The next step is to brainstorm. Brainstorming generates wild, audacious ideas, intentions, and goals. Be open for crazy spiritual connections and consequences, déjà vu moments, kismet moments, and instant creative downloads.

We don’t need to know how we’re going to create the wild ideas that pop up out of the blue—but it’s the most exciting thing you’ve thought of in years, right? 

In the brainstorming phase, we allow for the storm—the crazy whirlwind of ideas—to spill over the edges.

To embody this step of the creative mindset, I imagine you standing with both feet grounded into the earth, firmly planted like roots connecting you to safety and security so you can elevate your mind by throwing your hands up to the sky, open and receptive to all possibilities of what joy looks and feels like for you.

Be open, curious, and flexible. Capture the small moments that light you up. Write them down. Auto dictate them into your phone.

These are clues to how you can enhance your mindset with personalized joy. Here are some of my collection

  • Balloons
  • Pizza
  • Trampolines
  • House Music
  • Friends
  • Hot Yoga
  • Anything that smells like roses

#3: Clear Vision

I grew up in the Midwest where tornadoes were a weekly occurrence in late summer. Tornadoes are small-scale storms that produce the fastest winds on earth. A single-vortex tornado, like the one you see in the movie The Wizard of Oz, is theorized to have a calm center called the “eye of the storm.”

In a world of chaos and confusion, your Clear Vision—step number three—is the eye of the storm. 

Creativity, imagination, magic, and joy live there. It’s your North Star, the bright dazzling light that you can hang on to when everything else seems to be swirling out of control.

Your Clear Vision can be as big as a new career, starting a business, or leaving a relationship. It can be as small as a poem or a sticky note.

It’s a future that you can see and hold space for in the present moment even though it’s not currently “real.” Visioning is a powerful tool for creatives because it’s coming up with an idea that doesn’t yet exist. It’s what creatives do: make ideas real.

Until you practice being in the eye of the storm, it’s scary; your logical side wants to say, “This is impossible! I’ll die of embarrassment, failure, or stupidity. It’s a tornado; for God’s sake, find a storm shelter—QUICK!” 

If those thoughts pop up in your mind when you start to practice visioning, go back to the first step, and release your judgment. It’s all part of the process.

Find what will bring you joy using the C.L.E.A.R. Vision framework to amplify your mindset and joy into a real life project. 

#4: Laser Focus

Now, it’s time to start taking steps to bring your Clear Vision to life. 

You have a to-do list a mile long. Is there one thing on there that is for your personal growth? One thing, that if you started today, it would multiply over time to create your future vision?

More than likely the answer is no, and here’s why: most people are not willing to commit to creating change, much less transformation within themselves.

Commit to one idea, one vision, one mission, one concept for a determined time frame. One week, one year, it doesn’t matter. Focus is when you choose to move forward toward your vision, not away from it.

On a daily basis, choose to make choices that are aligned with creating that vision, not sabotaging it.

After I brainstorm, I take one idea and save all of the other wild and crazy ideas on a Google Doc called “Ideas for Later.” I want you to create one as well. This is the space to house all the other thoughts—like “but maybe I should…” or, “that may be a good idea…”—that try to sneak in and throw you off course of your vision.

More ideas aren’t bad, but the brain has a hard time focusing on too many ideas at once; that’s why we aren’t wired to multitask. Multitasking is doing two things at 50 percent. Imagine if you tried to create all of your ideas at once. You’d be giving each idea 10 percent of your time, energy, and effort. It won’t work. So, be willing to laser focus and commit.


#5: Roadmap

You have the vision and the focus, and now you need the plan—how to make your vision to enhance your mindset and bring more creativity and joy into your daily life.

Your roadmap is the path between today and your Clear Vision realized, alive and kicking in real life.

Have you ever been asked the dreaded interview question, “Where do you want to be in two to five years?” Who can answer that?

People who have committed to their future vision.

Who can’t?

People who are surviving, not thriving, with multiple responsibilities—to themselves, their family, or their career—but who have no Clear Vision.

Five years is a long time, but tomorrow is not. Tomorrow always comes.

Don’t have a clear vision? Cool. Most people don’t have a personal plan to enhance their mindset and bring more joy into their life—which is why people say, “Time flies” or “Where did the time go?” Without a roadmap, people are more likely to stay on the default timeline of their life.

With a roadmap, we know where we are going and how to get there. A roadmap, whether it’s on

  • paper
  • a Google Doc
  • a digital checklist
  • a post-it note

is a landing place to keep you focused on the day-to-day and hold space for your bird’s-eye view.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Create a plan and stick to it.

I use a daily paper calendar with space to write what’s important (to me) and to plan how to create it. 

#6: Share

Finally, you have to share your Clear Vision, share your joy, share your creativity!

Sharing your personal and professional vision shows up in a lot of different ways.

People will start to notice a shift in who you are being. Maybe it’s your calm presence during a stressful moment. Or how you carry yourself in meetings you are being asked to lead.

Maybe it’s the aliveness you embody because you’re spending your weekends in the studio painting. Hell, maybe it’s your glowing skin because you made hydration a daily priority (thank you daily serum and SPF).

You will start to share your joy and creativity naturally. It will come up in conversations because people will want to know what’s changed about you. You’ll start speaking from a place of inner trust and confidence, which will attract new opportunities and connections.

Design Your Life

The world is getting smaller and larger at the same time; it’s the paradox pattern in which we live. It’s a mess of media messages, unrealistic expectations, and outdated corporate structures.

In a world where you are told you need to be “successful,” using these 6 steps to enhance your mindset and bring your creative joy-filled vision to life is how you can create your life by design.

It’s the answer to lifting you higher than what you thought possible in your career, livelihood, and your fulfillment as a creative leader.

For more advice on how to bring your creative mindset to life, you can find Find Your Clear Vision on Amazon.

In summary, creativity can be harnessed by anyone willing to explore and embrace their unique self. As a Creative Life Coach, I guide busy professionals and creative leaders to unlock their creative potential and design a life that reflects their true essence with joy.

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