So you want more influence, income, and impact?

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed to get where you’re at, now it’s time for the ultimate personal and professional expansion.

Hi, I’m Lisa Guillot and I want to personally help you transform your mindset, define your personal brand, and step into being the brave and powerful leader we need right now.

Imagine this:

Oh and, most importantly, truly knowing your calling and purpose, and having a clear vision of how to get there.

Stop and read this before going any further…

"I had many executive coaches, and I didn’t think any “got me” until I met Lisa."

Melissa Lange, Clear Vision U alum

Look, we know that – on paper – you’re the bees-knees.

You’re accomplished professionally.

You’ve won awards and have been featured in all the right publications.

You’re the breadwinner of your household (a flex you’re proud of, but one that comes with a ton of responsibility).

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed to get where you’re at, you’ve done what you were “supposed” to do.

So why does it all feel so … unfulfilling?

I’m so glad you asked. Enter, The Paradox Pattern.

The Paradox Pattern – your Paradox Pattern – is what propelled you to where you’re at now.

Maybe you’re the person who knows how to do everything for everyone. Perhaps you have specialized expertise that’s highly valued. You’re the go-to strategic problem-solver extraordinaire, and you’re the best in your circle.

In other words, people from the bottom to the top count on you because they can. You’re a woman who makes things happen.

But therein lies your Paradox Pattern.

That thing you’re known for? The thing that put your name on the map and the money in your bank account?

It’s what’s keeping you stuck.

As a result, your most vibrant self is suffocating under a heap of boredom. Unhappiness? Resentment, maybe?

Don’t worry, there’s a way out of this (more on that in a sec).

Meanwhile, you’ve read all the self-development books.

You’ve taken all the assessments. You’ve tried executive coaches.

But you’re no further than when you started and you still have zero time to focus on yourself.

Believe me, I understand how utterly maddening this feels. Not only are you burnt out and craving some meaning in your life and career, but the guilt you’re feeling from what many would see as a privileged position is just the bitter icing on the cake.

And now that your CEO wants everyone back in the office full-time, adding one more thing to your to-do list – like a deep dive coaching program – feels like a joke.

So how do we get out of this?

I’m not going to lie:

What got you the “success” you have now won’t get you the true fulfillment you’re seeking.

Your current thinking is based on past circumstances and is not based in the future you want to create…

So you can’t possibly have any kind of meaningful vision with the mindset you have now.

But here’s the deal:

Upleveling your thinking, creativity, and leadership all comes down to one thing…

Tapping into your most vibrant self.

Ready to discover your true purpose and make a bigger impact?

Introducing: Clear Vision University

Clear Vision U, for short.

The only program for senior-level professional women who want to lead with an abundant mindset, expanded energy, and the ability to clearly communicate their values through personal branding and thought leadership.

When you’re a client in Clear Vision U, you will experience profound clarity, ease, joy and simplicity – and the ability to live your vision on a daily basis.

Essentially, you become the Creative Director of your life.

*This is not another boring executive coaching program.

Though I’ve created specifically for professional women, we balance masculine and feminine leadership, and I blend in thought work and mindset through the lens of energetics and neuroplasticity.

Monthly Masterclass Training

Here’s what you’re going to get when you join us in Clear Vision U:

Each month is based around a theme that will help you clarify what you want and move you toward being the Creative Director of your life and leadership.

Monthly themes and expert speakers range from creativity to self-love, finding your most vibrant self, and planning for her future thought leadership on LinkedIn, as well as deep studies in neuroscience, manifestation and tarot cards—yes, professional brand building can be fun!

Always based in my three areas of expertise: creative mindset, brand strategy, and energetic expansion, the monthly training is intended to be motivational, inspiring, as well as action-oriented. This is your opportunity to learn my top tools and techniques and expertise.

Monthly Masterclass Training embodies:




Live Coaching

Each month there are two opportunities to have your questions answered and be coached by me. Watching your peers being coached is a beautiful way to expand your empathy, active listening, and creative problem-solving for your own expansion. Plus, we’ll be in a community of your real peers.

Behind the Scenes

Each month, I am sharing my private behind-the-scenes videos, thoughts and insights to share exclusively with you. These are moments I do not share on social media so you can have the straight facts when it comes to how I am building my business, exploring different avenues in the branding and marketing world, what’s working and what’s not as well as key insights that will help you elevate your energy and so much more.

Instant Access to the Clear Vision U Collection

Mindset Collection

Clear Vision Collection

All training from “C.L.E.A.R.” Vision Framework

Branding + Legacy Collection

Life Strategy Collection

Why did you join Clear Vision U?

You’re looking for an expert to help you find your purpose and uplevel:

Why me and why Clear Vision U?

If you want to know my credentials, I’ve been crafting brands since I was just out of college. I’ve spent time in creative design studios, ad agencies, and marketing departments bringing ideas to life using the creative process.

In 2009, I launched my own branding studio and, in 2016, my own coaching practice.

I’m a creative entrepreneur, and now I use the framework I developed to lead my clients through their own creative awakening.

But the real story here is how I discovered The Paradox Pattern.

Most of us have one, it’s the reason why so little of your success actually makes you happy. Your Paradox Pattern is a repeatable pattern embedded into your thoughts, actions, and behaviors, and is used to prove that you’re capable, lovable, and enough to have it all.

The paradox is … you are already enough.

It was 2013 and I was flying high in my career and personal life when I decided that a second child would make the perfect addition to our family – I even pitched the idea to my husband with a Powerpoint (yes, really) with the underlying message that I would have all the additional household work completely handled.

Why did I believe a second baby was necessary, even when I had a solo graphic design business, and was on design boards, and was starting a womens entrepreneurial community?

The overachieving perfectionist in me was trying to bring that high level of perfection right into life, work, and momming.

On the day my daughter was born, I found myself quarantined and unable to hold my newborn because doctors couldn’t explain why the left side of my face – my eye, nose, and lips – had swollen to the size of a baseball.

Eventually, they determined it was shingles. In fact, it was so severe that I actually lost some eyesight in my left eye.

Shingles is an opportunistic virus, and it loves when you’re overworked, overstressed, and stretched way too thin in your life. My problem wasn’t only that I had too much on my plate, but that I was hiding under a pattern of behaviors and stories of who I thought I should be: perfect, wildly creative, professional, lovable, and good enough. So, to live in a world with this constant narrative of not being good enough, I overcompensated with a thin veil of perfection to hide my not-enoughness.

It took a team of doctors, two master life coaches, and a Buddhist monk to help me see who I was without my Paradox Pattern, and to see the false identity I had created to hide who I really was.

So, if you’re asking “Why Clear Vision U?” and “Why Lisa Guillot?” it’s because my program is the only one that’s going to help you find your own Paradox Pattern so you can finally be free from the subconscious limitations that are holding you back from a full actualization of your most vibrant self.

She is waiting for you on the other side of this program.