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Empower your leadership journey with a creative life coach. Uncover inspiration, overcome hurdles, and design a life that aligns with your true self

Inside my group programs, you become the Creative Director of your life—this is your opportunity to shape your future with intention and purpose.

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“Unsure if you are creative? I can assure you that once you go through Lisa’s framework you will be transformed and ready to live life by your design. Lisa guides you to seamlessly bring all of who you are into your personal and professional brand with a light touch, deep expertise, and a lot of finesse.” 
Marissa Liesenfelt
COO, BossBabe
Personal Brand Coaching Online Course

Look, we know that – on paper – you’re the bees-knees.

As the breadwinner of your household, you've worked hard and made sacrifices to reach where you are today. You've followed the expected path and checked all the boxes.

But deep down, something feels missing, unfulfilling even.

Meanwhile, you’ve read all the self-development books.

You’ve taken all the assessments. You’ve tried executive coaches.

But despite all your efforts, you find yourself no closer to the fulfillment you seek. Time for self-reflection seems like an impossible luxury amidst the demands of your life and of your CEO (even if that CEO is you).

Personal Brand Coaching Online Course
Personal Brand Online Course

So, how do we break free from this cycle?

Here's the truth: The "success" that brought you here won't lead to the profound fulfillment you desire. True transformation requires a shift in your thinking, creativity, and leadership—an awakening of your most vibrant self.

"My biggest takeaway from CVU is that there is a powerful feminine forward way of doing things that is not lesser than the masculine way. Feminine leadership can help you lead a holistic and happy life. "
DeAnna Tipton
Senior Data Scientist
"I was on the fence about joining and if it’s piquing your interest, that means you’re in a growth moment, I encourage you to push past the hesitation because this will amplify your personal development and create clarity. If you are thinking about it you probably need it."
Andrea Threet
Law Associate
"Lisa, I want to let you know how impactful your work has been for me personally.  Your mastermind came to me at the right time and is giving me the right push to play bigger in both my professional and personal life."
Stephanie Posey
Founder, Posey Law

You’re looking for an expert to help you find your purpose and uplevel.

So, why me and why Clear Vision U?

If you want to know my credentials, I’ve been crafting brands since I was just out of college. I’ve spent time in creative design studios, ad agencies, and marketing departments bringing ideas to life using the creative process.

In 2009, I launched my own branding studio and, in 2016, my own coaching practice.

I’m a creative entrepreneur, and now I use the framework I developed to lead my clients through their own creative awakening.