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Embracing Professional Reinvention: Melissa’s Journey to a Second Career

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In the face of layoffs and unexpected changes, the concept of professional reinvention takes center stage.


Lisa, who has experienced the disheartening nature of being laid off, understands the disorientation that accompanies such a transition. In this blog post, Lisa shares the inspiring story of Melissa, an alumna of Clear Vision U, who found an opportunity for personal growth and mindful perspective through her own layoff experience.


Discovering a Mindful Perspective

Melissa’s layoff allowed her the space to pause and embrace a sense of peace, which was a departure from her previous go-go-GO mentality ingrained in corporate America. With the support of the Clear Vision U community, Melissa explored her next career move, reflecting on the significance of having a network of like-minded individuals during times of transformation. As she embarked on her journey, she found solace in the intimate and supportive environment of Clear Vision U, a refreshing departure from the predominantly male-dominated tables she had been accustomed to throughout her professional life.

From Corporate Tech to Personal Identity

Melissa’s distinguished career spanned three decades, holding executive roles in customer experiences, global partnerships, and sales within big tech companies. However, her layoff became a catalyst for self-reflection, prompting her to question if her previous corporate persona truly aligned with her authentic self. Melissa recognized the importance of reconnecting with her personal identity and prioritizing her role as a mother to twin boys.

The Power of Community and Energy

In her search for guidance and inspiration, Melissa discovered Lisa and the Clear Vision U program through LinkedIn. The energy and communication style resonated deeply with her, prompting her to delve further into self-exploration and navigate the transformative “Messy Middle” phase. Melissa found solace in the Clear Vision U community, a space where she could be her true self and witness the growth and mindset shifts of others. Through group work and individual coaching, Melissa realized the importance of blending self-awareness, expanded energy, and mindset work to create her Inner Platform.

Reimagining the Future

Melissa’s journey through Clear Vision U has exceeded her expectations, transcending daily mantras and self-care routines. The program provided her with a unique language and framework that corporate America often overlooks. With the right mindset and support, Melissa recognized that chasing roles and financial success does not necessarily lead to true fulfillment. Instead, she is now focused on aligning with her values and truth as she embarks on the exciting path of reimagining her future.

Melissa’s story is a testament to the power of professional reinvention and the transformative impact of community and mindset work. As she continues to navigate her second career, we anticipate the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead. Are you ready to embrace your own path of professional reinvention? Clear Vision U is here to support and empower you every step of the way.

“I found Lisa on Linkedin and was drawn to her energy. When you’re at large companies, you have a lot of access to women’s groups, and groups to help further your career. But it was a lot of listening. In Clear Vision U I get to listen and participate in a whole new way. And, Lisa convinced me that group work is just as important as individual work, and guess, what? With the right group of people, it is.

You grow up in a corporate environment and everyone always wants something from you, or something always has to be done. But in Clear Vision U, being surrounded by these women, I felt like I can fully be myself and enjoy each other’s space and growth.”

I listened to the Find Your Clear Vision podcast and automatically knew that Lisa was my person. The way Lisa was communicating and the energy was what I needed. I needed to find that energy within myself and get out of the Messy Middle.” According to Melissa, the Messy Middle is “all about trial and error and figuring out what ignites your joy.”

“What Lisa has shown Clear Vision U members is that despite all of our differences, each person has similarities in doing the work. Everyone at Clear Vision U is at their own stage. Whether they’re reconnecting to who they are or moving to an entirely different industry, everyone’s got something they’re working on. And the cool thing is, you can visually see how they’re doing it.

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