Finding Your Why - Stephanie Posey

Professional Reinvention: Stephanie’s Journey of Finding Purpose and Passion

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a career rut, longing for a sense of purpose and professional reinvention? Stephanie Posey faced the same predicament before joining Clear Vision U.


In this blog post, I share Stephanie’s inspiring story of finding her “why” and breaking free from her career rut with a renewed sense of purpose.


Discovering a Calling

Stephanie, the founder of Posey Law Group LLC near Chicago, was determined to help her clients focus on their expertise while she handled their legal and real estate matters in a non-traditional way. However, before joining Clear Vision U, my coaching program, Stephanie felt lost, lacking a clear understanding of her purpose, and slowly losing herself in the process. Drawn to my vibrant presence and coaching style, she knew it was time to make a change.

Uncovering Hidden Desires

Stephanie yearned to explore new possibilities and escape her monotonous routine. She began incorporating yoga into her mornings, adopted a mindful approach, and embarked on a journey of self-exploration. Clear Vision U aligned perfectly with Stephanie’s needs, providing the guidance and support she didn’t even realize she required.

“You’re not going to find high-vibration people in low-vibration places.”

A Curiosity for Growth

Throughout the program, Stephanie’s curiosity about her own identity grew exponentially. Working with me as her purpose coach and personal brand strategist, she discovered the excitement of self-discovery and the vastness of the world. Stephanie felt empowered to pursue what felt right for her rather than conforming to external expectations. This shift allowed her to uncover her true “why” and lead from the heart.

“You have to know your why in order to lead with your heart. You’re not going to lead with your heart if you don’t take time to find out what feels good or what lights you up.”

Finding Alignment and Creativity

Stephanie’s company was built on the principle of breaking free from convention. She embraced creativity, opened her mind, and followed her heart to create a business that truly resonated with her vision. By hiring staff who aligned with her values and growth aspirations, Stephanie found the freedom to grow her business authentically and in alignment with her personal and professional goals.

Investing in Your Future

Stephanie encourages those on the fence about investing in themselves and their future to explore their inner calling. When you prioritize alignment with your core values and integrity, it expands your energy and opens doors to greater fulfillment. Saying “no” to opportunities that don’t align frees you to say “yes” to those that truly resonate.

Stephanie’s story exemplifies the transformative power of embracing a new career path through professional reinvention. By finding her “why” and aligning her work with her values, she broke free from her career rut and discovered a sense of purpose that energized her. If you’re feeling stuck and yearning for a change, I encourage you to embrace the journey of self-discovery and invest in your own growth. Remember, saying “no” to what doesn’t align brings you closer to a more fulfilling “yes.”

If you are on the fence about investing in your future, Stephanie shares:

Before I did mindset work for my business I missed so many opportunites, like bags of money opportunites, that I just didn’t see because I wasn’t paying attention. The type of work Lisa does is self-care for your business, and that is so important for business owners.

You’ve had career and business success.​

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