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Personal Brand Mindset + Transformation with Clear Vision U alumna: Cathy Hoke

Lisa’s client and Clear Vision U alumna, Cathy Hoke, shares how coaching with Lisa impacted her mindset and career path.

Cathy had been the Executive Director of the Peninsula School of Art for 20 years when she reached out to Lisa and shared, “I’m ready for something else, I just don’t know what that is.”

Lisa and Cathy started working together in late 2018 to gain clarity on her next career move, which, funny enough, turned her towards coaching and consulting, a career that Cathy lovingly calls a “Coachsultant.” Through their 1-1 work together, and throughout Covid, Cathy become a certified coach, and joined Clear Vision U as a natural next step from working with Lisa 1-1 into a mastermind program for executives and entrepreneurs to find their clear vision, and create a vibrant personal or professional brand with purpose.

In their Find Your Clear Vision podcast interview, Lisa asked Cathy, “What is your favorite part inside Clear Vision U?”

“Listening to like-minded women, and giving each other permission to explore and try things out and say “does this resonate with anyone else?” Each woman goes through their own mindset transformation and it’s beautiful to see. There’s an inner play that is really supported and appreciated so much.”

Cathy also appreciates sharing her business ideas with the community as it relates to building her new business and personal brand. 

Tell us about your branding journey from an internal role to an external entrepreneur.

“This is a huge area that I need coaching on—how to feel comfortable in that space of selling me, and how I want to be seen and heard in the coaching space. When I work with Lisa on my personal brand it’s always “let you be you”. And Lisa asks, “Does it feel authentic to you? What does that look like visually? How do you want to come across?” It’s all so refreshing!”

Oftentimes when someone moves from an internal role within an organization, or in Cathy’s case, an Executive Director role in a non-profit, to becoming an entrepreneur, and in essence “selling yourself” you come to realize that you need personal branding tools and confidence to show up from a new place..a place outside of the safety of an organization.

Throughout Cathy’s career, she was used to selling an idea, art gallery installation, or community art program, and selling herself as a coach seemed like a foreign concept. Cathy found coaching and training around personal brand and marketing to be extremely helpful, as well as the mindset work because she really needed the confidence to know that her voice in a very cluttered industry, 100% matters and resonates with purpose-driven leaders. Cathy goes on to share that the mindset transformations in Clear Vision U have made the biggest impact so far, and because of it, she’s gained the clarity to start the coaching business of her dreams.

Lisa works with clients to create their Clear Vision Declaration, which, at the end of the declaration is a celebration moment. The R in CLEAR is “Rooted in Celebration.” Cathy’s celebration moment says, “When I book a new client I will celebrate by buying myself flowers and going to South Africa.” Since then, she’s bought herself several bouquets of flowers and in the summer of 2022, went on that trip to South Africa.

Cathy Hoke & Co. helps purpose-driven leaders, social entrepreneurs, and creative professionals in the non-profit arena to achieve impact. Cathy is a visionary, a source of inspiration, and a creative leadership force in her work and who she is to herself and her community. It’s been an honor to help her with her career transformation!


Lisa meeting Cathy at The Pennisula School of Art after her trip to South Africa!

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To listen to the full interview with Cathy Hoke, head over to Episode 68 of Find Your Clear Vision!




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