Jody LaVoie Interview

Clear Vision Interview with client Jody LaVoie

Meet Jody LaVoie—widow, mom, and a beacon of inspiration. In 2014, her life was turned upside down: her husband’s tragic passing, and later, a battle with breast cancer.


Fast forward to 2020, Jody joins my LIVE Masterclass, sparking a journey that’s nothing short of magical.


The Darkest Days and the Brightest Masterclass

In 2014, Jody’s world crumbled with her husband’s sudden passing. Leading his company through turbulence, she showed resilience but faced another blow—a breast cancer diagnosis.

Amidst these struggles, she found herself at a crossroads in 2020. Joining my live masterclass marked a turning point. Jody saw a glimmer of hope and a chance for transformation.

From Masterclass Spark to Personal Coaching

Post masterclass, Jody and I dove into weekly coaching sessions, crafting her coaching business. Grief and health hurdles made planning a struggle. Yet, after the masterclass and our one-on-ones, Jody’s perspective shifted: “I can create my future!”

Navigating the Challenges of Reinvention

Seeing her bloom was pure joy. Jody embraced her clear vision, turbocharging her career by committing to becoming a coach. We faced challenges together—from identifying the right IFC-certified coaching program to carving strategic paths and making essential mindset shifts.

In her own words, “I got to a place of security, better belief, and strength. Of course, I can do this!” she cheered.


Crafting a Unique Brand Voice and Launching the Coaching Biz

The journey wasn’t just about strategy. We crafted her personal brand voice, launched her coaching biz, and aimed at widows and cancer survivors. Jody’s brand? A powerhouse of healing and growth acceleration.

As Jody reflects, “Just remember that every day when it seems really dark and hard, you are a pillar of strength. You are stronger than you think and you will get through this.”

An Honored Witness to Jody’s Flourishing Brand

Watching her brand blossom has been an honor. Jody LaVoie, a widow and two-time breast cancer survivor, emerged even stronger. Her journey is a testament to resilience, strength, and inspiration.

Ready for Your Own Magic?

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To your extraordinary journey,

Be bright, Lisa

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