Jody LaVoie Interview

Clear Vision Interview with client Jody LaVoie

Jody LaVoie shares her experience working with Lisa to build her personal brand and launch her coaching business, Jody LaVoie Coaching.

Jody LaVoie has always been a committed wife and mother of 3, an inspiration to her community, and the light in any room. Her life and her heart were full until 2014 when the unthinkable happened – her husband tragically passed away in a workplace violence incident. Jody had to step in and lead her husband’s company, ArrowStream, on a path to sustainable profitability culminating in the sale of ArrowStream to a private equity firm in 2017.

She was later diagnosed with breast cancer, which again flipped her and her family’s world upside-down.

In the fall of 2020, Jody signed up for my live workshop series, Your Brightest Year,

Little did she know, this workshop would quite literally change the direction of her life’s work.

After the Brightest Year workshop, Jody joined me for an introductory coaching session. I asked what inspired her to sign up, and she told me that during the workshop series my energy, joy, and brightness resonated with her. It was at that moment that she decided she wanted to become a coach as well.

We started working together every week for six months to build her coaching business from the ground up.

Because of her husband’s death, and her diagnosis of breast cancer, she often felt she wasn’t able to look more than 1-2 years ahead to plan her future. After joining the live workshop and working with me 1-1 Jody said,

“I really came to this place of being able to see in the future. It was opening, freeing and empowering for me, because of course, I can create my future!”

She shared how her reinvention came to life as she worked with me to build her coaching practice.

“It was a process, certainly. But it did go back to this kind of epiphany moment that I had at your workshop, and then the wheels turned pretty fast.”

Jody had, in essence, popped into her clear vision, and when that happens things start moving fast. We worked to find her an IFC-certified coaching program that fit her needs and figured out the legit and long-lasting steps to take to build her coaching business. There were a lot of tactical steps as well as constant mindset shifts that were happening.

“I got to a place of security with myself, better belief in myself, strength, and knowing that I can do this. Of course, I can do this! So as I was doing all those tactical things, there was certainly more deep, inner work that was happening.”

I consulted with Jody to help her build her personal brand voice. In 2021 she launched her coaching business and website and many of the operational processes needed to run a coaching business. We created her personal brand statement, brand pillars, and target audience.

“Oftentimes people want to talk to everybody about everything which makes personal or professional brand vanilla and watered down because guess what? It’s called a target audience for a reason.” Lisa Guillot

Jody’s target audiences are widows and cancer survivors because those are two life experiences the have touched her deeply, and she knows how much these experiences can affect a woman and their loved ones. Her clear vision for her coaching practice is to help accelerate the healing and growth process for her clients.

Jody is an inspiration. She came out of the toughest moments of her life even stronger, despite being a widow and a two-time breast cancer survivor. It was an honor to work beside her, and nothing made me happier than watching her personal brand come to fruition!

“Just remember that every day when it seems really dark and hard, you are a pillar of strength. You are stronger than you think and you will get through this.” Jody LaVoie

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