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Get Out of a Career Rut with Purpose – Interview with past client, Stephanie Posey

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a career rut and lost on your purpose? I’m guessing your hand is up, so is mine. My client, Stephanie Posey, was in the same position before joining my coaching program. On my podcast, she shares what helped her find her “why” and get out of a career rut with purpose.

Stephanie is the founder of Posey Law Group LLC, based right outside of Chicago. Her goal is to help her clients focus on whatever it is they do best instead of worrying about the legal matters of their business, or real estate matters, but in a non-traditional way.

Before joining Lisa’s coaching program, Clear Vision U, in January 2021, Stephanie was in a career rut, lost on what her “why” was, and slowly losing herself in the process. She had been Instagram stalking Lisa for a while and was drawn to how colorful her presence was and her coaching style. The stars were aligned with what she was needing and what Lisa had to offer, and it simply felt like fate.

What exactly was Stephanie needing?

Stephanie said that she felt that there was more for her to explore and she was tired of her daily routine. She started doing yoga in the morning, stopped drinking, and was more mindful about what she needed. She was going through this period of self-exploration and discovery, and Lisa’s coaching was aligning with everything she needed and everything she didn’t know she needed.

Throughout the program, Stephanie felt more curious about who she was and felt like she was just getting started, which excited her! As she dives deeper into thought work, with LIsa as her purpose coach and personal brand strategist, it excites her that there’s a lot more to discover about herself and the world. There’s a curiosity and wisdom to see where things take her. Instead of doing things for the outside world, based on what they need, she’s now doing things based on what feels right for her – based on what she wants to do. Which leads to finding your “why”.

You have to know your why in order to lead with your heart. You’re not going to lead with your heart if you don’t take time to find out what feels good or what lights you up.

Stephaine Posey

Just like yoga – when you stretch a muscle, you’re making space for newness. Thinking outside of the box is just like that. It provides access for people to feel comfortable when getting the things they need done, done.

When Stephanie created her company, she didn’t want it to go “by the books”. She really got creative by opening her mind, following her heart, and doing what felt good. She hired staff to help her grow, but to grow in a way that she wanted versus what she should do – to be in alignment.

Stephanie had many incredible takeaways and breakthroughs during the coaching program. But something that made a huge impact on her was being part of a group of incredible, brilliant women. All of whom were trying to do the same thing and be on this self-discovery journey.

“You’re not going to find high-vibration people in low-vibration places.”

And all of the members were high-vibration, driven professionals and business owners. Being able to talk about the speakers with these women, meet once, sometimes a few times a week, and what we got out of it all,  was so inspirational for her.

Stephaine’s advice if you are on the fence about investing in yourself and your future:

Sometimes you just have to show up, if you’re drawn to it, ask why you’re drawn it. Sometimes you NEED it for yourself and there’s a reason it’s presenting itself to you.


When you go within. and start saying no to things that aren’t aligned with your integrity and who you are at your core, it actually expands your energy so that you can take on more.


You have to say no in order to have more yes’s (sounds like it should be a paradox, but it’s the advice we all need in order to gain more fulfillment).

Stephaine Posey


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