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Reconnections and Transformations, Interview with Melissa Lange, from Clear Vision U

Lisa has been laid off twice, so she knows how disorienting and dishearting it is. Melissa Lange, a Clear Vision U alumna, shares how being laid off gave her the opportunity to look at life, and work, from a mindful perspective.

Melissa Lange is a world-class global leader with three decades of success in various executive roles, leading customer experiences, global partnerships, and sales. Melissa’s career moved her through several iterations but mainly in big tech. Her most recent role was the Chief of Staff at SAP, until Covid and other variables led to her being laid off. And guess what? It wasn’t a bad thing.

Being laid off gave her a chance to take a breath, and embody peace which wasn’t as natural as her go-go-GO mentality had been in corporate America.

Clear Vision U came at the perfect time for her. It was everything she needed – community, mindset, personal branding, and transformations.

“Meeting the Clear Vision U team was a breath of fresh air. This intimate group is full of supportive and open professionals, which has been really nice for me because I’ve spent most of my life at a table with men.”

This insight is how she may have lost connection to herself and what is most important: her personal identity, and family. Melissa is the mom to twin boys.

Melissa is a woman of heart, the “running down the street for a lost dog” kinda heart. She embodies strength, and trust, and is an ally to women worldwide. She brings all of these moments to the table but as she said, she’s often been at tables where these qualities don’t align with who she thought she was”supposed to be” in a corporate tech role. Being laid off lead her to question, “Is this really what I want to bring to the table?”

Lisa asked, “What had you join Clear Vision U?” 

“I found Lisa on Linkedin and was drawn to her energy. When you’re at large companies, you have a lot of access to women’s groups, and groups to help further your career. But it was a lot of listening. In Clear Vision U I get to listen and participate in a whole new way. And, Lisa convinced me that group work is just as important as individual work, and guess, what? With the right group of people, it is.

You grow up in a corporate environment and everyone always wants something from you, or something always has to be done. But in Clear Vision U, being surrounded by these women, I felt like I can fully be myself and enjoy each other’s space and growth.”

I listened to the Find Your Clear Vision podcast and automatically knew that Lisa was my person. The way Lisa was communicating and the energy was what I needed. I needed to find that energy within myself and get out of the Messy Middle.” According to Melissa, the Messy Middle is “all about trial and error and figuring out what ignites your joy.”

Melissa realized Clear Vision U could be an ongoing part of her life where she continues to get coaching. Group work is most definitely as important as individual coaching.

The Clear Vision U community is Melissa’s favorite part of the program. She’s learned so much from witnessing others have mindset shifts. It gives her an opportunity to look at how she’s thinking.

Lisa asked, “As you’re diving into figuring out your next career move, tell me what it’s like having the support of the community?”

“What Lisa has shown Clear Vision U members is that despite all of our differences, each person has similarities in doing the work. Everyone at Clear Vision U is at their own stage. Whether they’re reconnecting to who they are or moving to an entirely different industry, everyone’s got something they’re working on. And the cool thing is, you can visually see how they’re doing it.”

Going into Clear Vision U, Melissa thought she knew what to expect. She thought she’d be told to do daily mantras, meditations and self-care, but it was so much more. The mindset work, working on her Inner Platform–blending together her self-awareness and expanded energy was most important for Melissa because, according to her, “that type of language does not exist in corporate America.”

Being laid off is often a shock but with the right mindset and support, Melissa realized she wasn’t living out her truth and values. Oftentimes chasing roles and money doesn’t lead to more success, but instead just leads to more MORE. Overall, Melissa is on the path to reimagining her future and we are so excited to see where the journey takes her.

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To listen to the full interview with Melissa Lange, head over to Episode 68 of Find Your Clear Vision!



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