The Power of Spiritual Business Coaching

My Business Results: The Power of Spiritual Business Coaching

In this post, I’ll reveal the business results achieved through Spiritual Business Coaching & 22 live presentations.

As an executive coach specializing in spiritual business coaching, I discovered invaluable insights about confidence and holistic leadership. 

Let’s explore the milestones and key lessons I learned as a Spiritual Business Coaching so that you can see how to use these insights to build your business journey with intention.

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Milestone 1: The Kick-off

At the start of my inaugural live workshop, “The Power of Intention” the internet went down, Zoom was choppy and my energy was a bit scattered, to say the least.

However, as the Power of Intention series progressed, and I had more live workshops under my belt, I shifted focus toward leveraging my platform for business growth. This resulted in the successful launch of two fully-booked group coaching programs, “The Power Pack” and “Be Bright Personal Branding Masterclass,” generating an additional $5,000 in revenue in March and April.

Throughout, I faced a delicate balancing act between my fearful ego and trusting my inner self. I found myself oscillating between contrasting states:

  1. Hiding and Showing Up
  2. Fear and Comfort
  3. Scarcity and Compassion
  4. Righteousness and Intuition
  5. Us and Them (them being those who disregarded safety measures)
  6. Tightness and Tenderness

As a spiritual business coach, I leaned on my training to maintain self-awareness. However, even with these tools, I had moments of vulnerability, shedding tears on my bed or indulging in a napresso or disco nap.

Seeking solace, I turned to meditation, prayer, and even found myself laughing uncontrollably at silly Instagram memes as an escape from anxious thoughts.

Embracing My Role

During my moments of meditation, questions swirled in my mind:

  • “What should I do?”
  • “What is my purpose in all of this?”
  • “How can I be of service?”

Deep within, I recognized myself as a guide for those seeking a creative and soulful life. Despite the relentless arguments from my ego, I committed to showing up authentically, unafraid of being imperfectly spiritual or an artist by traditional standards.

Embracing the Unknown

When uncertainty loomed large, I yearned for a guiding light and a sense of direction. Realizing that I held the power within, I illuminated my own path and shared that light with others, encouraging them to discover their inner radiance.

I embraced both the challenges and the opportunities it presented. By trusting my intuition and wholeheartedly showing up, the spiritual business coach in me discovered my purpose in guiding others toward a creative and soulful existence. Despite the doubts and criticisms, I committed to sharing my light and empowering others to find their own. Together, we navigate these uncertain times, embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth through these live events.

2nd Milestone: The Prices

In April, despite self-doubt and external uncertainties, I made the courageous decision to raise my 1-1 coaching prices. Overcoming my smaller self’s voice, I listened to my intuition and doubled down on my professional giving, including free workshops, discovery sessions, and group programs. Additionally, I committed to monthly donations to BIPOC groups and my church, aligning my business with causes I care about. This decision not only boosted my confidence but also created opportunities to contribute to communities in need.

The Impact

Over 2,000 individuals graced the virtual halls of my presentations, and when you factor in my collaborations with esteemed organizations like IAWomen and the American Marketing Association, that number soared beyond 3,000. It was a collective gathering, a community formed through shared insights and experiences. And yes, I admit it, I needed that community, that sense of belonging. After all, isn’t it Gandhi who said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”? Well, Gandhi, your words resonated deeply with me.

A Wholehearted Commitment

I poured my heart and soul into researching and crafting the content. It was more than a task; it was a calling. It demanded that I tap into my intuition and bare my vulnerable heart for all to see. It was an act of courage, a conscious choice to show up and be seen.

Hidden Moments

Let’s be real, though. I had my fair share of hiding moments too. Evenings were spent snuggled up with my husband on the couch, sipping white wine, and diving into the Tiger King craze. I had my moments of frustration with my kids, bouncing on the trampoline to let off steam. I hoarded rolls of toilet paper, believing I never had enough time to dedicate to it all. Yet, amidst it all, I continued to schedule presentations, sometimes not even knowing what I would talk about until the day before.

Gratitude and Reflection

Now, as I reflect upon this milestone, I am profoundly grateful for the gift this experience bestowed upon me. Week after week, I showed up, stepping into the virtual spotlight with unwavering dedication.

Milestone 3: The Prism Effect

Drawing on my graphic design background, I visualized success as a prism reflecting light. By focusing my energy and purpose, I inspired others, igniting the Prism Effect. This intentional sharing of my gifts led to signing three new full-time clients and launching the Divine Design Mastermind, resulting in an additional $34,375 in income. As I authentically showed up, remarkable opportunities emerged, including collaborations with prominent organizations and private tech companies.

Key Business Lessons 

Along this impactful journey, I gained invaluable insights that apply to both personal and professional growth. These include:

  • Trusting intuition over self-doubt
  • Nurturing connections and staying engaged
  • Proactively creating opportunities
  • Practicing generous giving
  • Embracing stretching beyond comfort zones
  • Prioritizing self-care as a leader
  • Elevating standards by raising prices

As the year unfolded, my business experienced remarkable growth, fueled by self-belief and purposeful action. Through the power of spiritual business coaching, I witnessed the exponential impact of coaching and self-reflection. By investing in myself, embracing the unknown and putting into practice everything I know as a spiritual business coach, I unlocked unlimited growth potential, and my friend, I know you can too.

If these tools and practices piqued your interest, I encourage you to start your transformational business journey with me as your guide.  

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