3 Reasons Journaling Helps Your Mindset

Journaling helps your mindset immensely from releasing old habits to getting in touch with your intuition. It’s one of my favorite exercises for clients because you can begin journaling at any time in your personal growth journey.

In fact, I share journaling props on my Instagram page weekly as well as in my newsletter. Have you signed up yet?  I share inspiration on a weekly basis from books I’m reading to journaling prompts to interesting articles to read.  If you’re not convinced yet, here are three reasons why you should start journaling:

1. Journaling clears your mind and puts you in touch with your intuition 

It is truly a life-changing habit if you practice consistently.  Have you ever needed to “talk it out?” That’s what journaling is, albeit in a written format!  When you journal, you’re releasing all thoughts, expectations, and goals into your notebook.  It frees space in the mind and gives you clarity.  When you’re thinking clearly, you’re better able to get in touch with your intuition to guide you to your next step in life.

Think of journaling as a conversation between you and your highest self. Ask them questions, see what flows out of your pen or into your digital journal.  If you are struggling with a decision, ask your highest self what they would do, ask them what they think the outcome would be, ask how you can weigh the options, and chose what you really want. Ask them, “What do we really want to do?” And write down an unedited answer, let it flow out, even if your shadow-side tries to op in.

2. Journaling builds self-awareness and confidence 

When your thoughts are clear, you feel more self-aware, which leads to a higher sense of confidence.  Being confident often translates to happiness as you’re content with your path and choices.

3. Guides you towards making more intentional choices and setting a clear vision 

Moving through life with intention creates a better sense of grounding, purpose, and happiness.  Making intentional choices removes the chaos from our lives.  Journaling helps your mindset to clearly understand your ideal path and what it takes to follow it.  By journaling regularly, you’re able to set a clear vision.

How to get started 

Speaking of… When clients first start journaling, I often recommend starting with my Clear Vision framework  Vision exercise.  Start by answering the following:

  • What do I want to create?
  • What’s my intention?
  • What idea do I want to move into reality?
  • What problem in life do I want to solve?
  • If there were no limits, what would I do?
  • Why is this important?

Once you have brainstormed these ideas you can create the affirmation, starting with the sentence stem:

I am here to _____ and this is important to me because _______

I am here to help high-performing leaders reignite the connection to their highest selves. And this is important because we have been dimming our inner light for too long.

Here are some examples from my clients who attended the Be Bright Virtual Retreat.

I’m here to embody freedom and agency in my life and soul, and this is important because I can do more of what makes me happy like time with my family, travel, and philanthropy.

I am here to connect, collaborate with high-energy people, and this is important because life is an adventure, and we are meant to experience it.

Make journaling a creative practice, a morning moment, even if all you do is jot down a few words of intention on a post-it note. Start with one question a day for just five minutes.  That’s all it takes to get started.  Set realistic goals so you can meet your expectations and enjoy the process.  Seeking more prompts?  Join me on Instagram for the weekly update!

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