How to optimize your brainpower

 I’ve collected my favorite podcast episodes and pulled them together for you right here.

My criteria was simple. These episodes are tangible, actionable, expert advice because all of the podcasts are from the top leaders in the mindset and leadership industry.


And the guide is a living Google Doc, which makes it easy to pick the episode based on the takeaway you desire right now. I created it in Google Docs because I’m consistently adding new episodes that meet my criteria. This is the exact document I share with all my clients. 

I share this with all of my clients and family. One of my clients is a student and parent coaching expert, she immediate went from burnout to scaling up her sleep, workout routine all the way down to her Potassium intake. Optimizing your brain creates capacity for more energy and time to crush your big goals.

Interviewed by Cy Wakeman on her No Ego podcast Scott Hartford, who is a writer and long-time professional speaker and educator of businesspeople worldwide, focuses on brain-based behavioral science, emotional intelligence, and influence.

Download the guide now My hope for you is that you download the guide and get into action to optimize your brainpower. These tiny steps have changed my approach to sleep, snacks and water. As simple as it sounds these *simple* steps make a huge difference. 

Ping me and let me know what you think, and what your favorite podcast is, I’m always looking for new ideas and techniques to optimize who I am with what I want to create.


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