4 Traits of Intuitive Women Leaders

Have you wondered how some professional women are so good at what they do? How do they make every challenging task seem like a piece of cake? Professional women who are connected to their intuition have the innate ability to make everything they do appear as the simplest task in the world. 

They follow their intuition. That little voice of inner trust is beyond invaluable and can determine the future of their career. That’s why professional women who are connected to their intuition rely on their gut to make final and ground-breaking decisions. Positive leaders draw from the heart without allowing emotions to control their executive decisions. A true leader knows that they must rely on a combination of their knowledge, experience, and intuition. Keep reading to see what other pillars are integral to building your Inner Platform. I find that intuitive women leaders are the most successful, which is why I have structured my Be Bright Mastermind around fostering more of them. 


Trust and go with their gut

Intuitive women leaders will always approach important tasks with a clear mind. Getting rid of any self-doubt and negative talk is imperative for intuitive women leaders. They know that the feeling in their stomach, most often connected to their solar plexus chakra that sits right behind the belly button is the perfect indicator of whether they’ve made the right or wrong step. They never question the feeling, and will confidently follow it when making crucial decisions in their career. When it comes to tricky, touchy, delicate situations, intuitive women leaders “read the room” and lead the rest of the team to success. Empathy and flawless perception of other people’s feelings guide them to make the right decision. The fact that they can read other people’s body language, voices, and other important factors for decision-making, makes them impeccable leaders.


Never set limits for themselves

More often than not, we create imaginary boundaries for ourselves without even realizing it. Our natural instinct can often be that we’re not capable of something. intuitive women leaders resist limiting beliefs. They know that they must erase all of the boundaries and work their way up relentlessly. intuitive women leaders will never let anything hold them back. Instead, they’ll always be the mavericks, rebels and revolutionaries of the group. intuitive women leaders prefer to reach far beyond their limits rather than to let anyone or anything hold them back.


Positive self-talk

One of the traits that you’ll see in intuitive women leaders is positivity. You’ll never see them weighing themselves down with negative self-talk. Even if negative thoughts appear, they’ll instantly interrupt that stream of consciousness and switch to positive, uplifting thoughts. Moreover, thanks to their innate desire to make a change in the world, highly intuitive women leaders will quickly instill a drive and energy in those that operate under them. They’ll easily make each team member feel appreciated, by always being fueled with positivity.


Lift up others

intuitive women leaders know that they are only a part of the whole. They’re well aware of the fact that there is enough room for everyone at the top. Seeking to bring others with them on their spiritual journey of growth and development, will always be one of their priorities. That way, they too can become their Highest Selves. Like people who feel and sense things deeply, intuitive women leaders will always find reasons and ways to support and encourage their team members. Whether by creating trust and connection, or some other way, they’ll generate a safe and energized environment that brings out the innovative best in everyone. On top of that, intuitive women leaders know that there must be room for innovation and creativity. That’s why they’ll always encourage people to think outside the box and reach their highest potential.


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