Holistic Leadership

how to choose powerful words

Your Words Will Make or Break Your Day

How you talk to others--the words and emotions you choose--can create power and purpose, or on the other spectrum, can create dissonance and separation. Your words create energy that will make or break your day. It’s especially important to choose your words wisely during this


Cultivate a Clear Mind

What do you want to create that’s not in the world right now? For yourself, your family, your clients? If you want to design your future from your most effective mindset, in integrity with your highest Self,  you need to cultivate a crystal clear state


Want to Hit Your Target? Focus.

Positive focus is your superpower right now. Your world may be topsy-turvy, but when you are laser-focused on your personal commitment, you will hit your goals every time.   First, manage where you focus your attention.   When you focus on overwhelm, stress, and sadness, it’s a beautiful way

how to set daily intentions

How to set daily intentions

During the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve had to re-adjust (or even scrap) many of our goals. However, we can still create and stay grounded in our intentions. Intentions are essential to building the energy and resilience we need to get through this extraordinary time.    What’s the difference between

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