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There’s no magic trick to how my clients achieve fantastic results.

We get clear about what they want, then we create a path to reach it in record time.

It starts with finding your clear concept—the “why” behind building a life you dream about. And guess what? I’ve got you covered.

But before I show you how YOU can do it, I want to share a little bit about me and why I’m so dedicated to this work.

I live my life with a Clear Vision to help others find theirs.

The first company I worked for out of college was called Addis, the Brand Essence Company. We worked with companies like Pottery Barn Kids, Sephora, and The Gap. Now I help extraordinary people, like you, find their true essence and build their future vision. 

I’ve spent time in creative design studios, ad agencies, and marketing departments bringing ideas to life using the creative process.

Now I take that framework and lead my clients, like Brian, who’s the CCO at Universal Destinations and Experiences, or Marissa, who was the COO at Bossbabe before starting her own coaching practice, through their own creative process to:

* Embody more of who they are, inside and out
* How they want to live their life
* How to lead their teams with newfound energy
* And how to have fun doing it

From tarot cards to strategy decks I blend certified leadership coaching, design thinking and inspired action to create massive mindset breakthroughs and impact with my clients.

My clients include senior-level executives at Fortune 500 media and entertainment companies, and in marketing, financial services, law, and tech. My clients also include ambitious entrepreneurs in coaching and consulting and people in corporate who want to build something that leaves a legacy.

If you are ready to commit to becoming more of who you are with confidence and a strategy to get there, start with the C.L.E.A.R. framework.

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A Little About Me and You

About me

About you

Professional Bio

Lisa Guillot is a certified transformational leadership coach and best-selling author. Dubbed a branding expert by the Chicago Tribune, Lisa brings heart, soul, and action to every coaching conversation. She works with motivated leaders through private coaching, live events and her Clear Vision U program.


Lisa’s branding expertise includes working with Crate & Barrel, Paper Source, Pottery Barn Kids, The Gap, and Sephora which has given her the opportunity to share brand strategy and creative expertise ranging from lifestyle branding to tech-related industries.


Lisa received degrees from the University of San Francisco and the Academy of Art University. She is a trained Accomplishment Life and Leadership Coach and a certified Tarot Card Advisor.


Lisa’s passion is to shine a bright light on new pathways for clients to reinvent their mindset, find their purpose and build their legacy. Lisa is a past member of the American Marketing Association’s Practitioner’s Council and is an editorial and video contributor. She has also served on the board of directors for AIGA Chicago.


Her work has been featured in numerous design publications and lifestyle blogs including the Chicago Tribune, Pure Wow, Marketing News, Thrive Global, Apartment Therapy, West Elm, Rue Daily, Chicago Inno and HOW Publications.

I know…

It takes a lot of effort to effort less
Perfection is a silly and boring goal
Joy and fun are two of my core values
The best coaches have coaches, I have two
I’m married to an architect and have 2 kids + 2 stepkids + 2 cats
My clients give me goosebumps, it’s an honor to work with them

You’ve had career and business success.​

But, you don't have a clear vision of a future that excites you. I can help.

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