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Cultivate a Clear Mind

If you want to design your future from your most effective mindset, and in integrity with your intuition, you need to cultivate a crystal clear state of mind. 

Belopw you’ll learn how to assess whether you are in a clear state of mind, so you know when you’re in flow and in integrity with your intuition.  You’ll know when to take a break, and how to rebound to that clear mental state quickly, which is so important for high-level leadership and executive presence.  

Imagine that your state of mind is like a clear glass of water. When it’s clear, you are expansive. Abundant. Calm. You’re led by intention, your purpose and your goals. You are nimble and connected to your intuition. 

What happens to your clear water when you start to feel anxious or stressed? Maybe you spent a little bit too much time on social media or watching the news…Your glass of water is getting cloudy. It starts to turn a different color. Imagine what that color looks like. Is it dark? Opaque? Do you see a whirlpool that starts to drain the water, decreasing your energy and abundance in a downward spiral? 

When I start to watch the news for too long, my water, my clear water, starts to get murky and actually changes to a deep red. When I start to feel sad, and I can’t get through it, my water changes to a heavy blue. 

So, how can you get back to that clear state of mind?

With Mindfulness.

When you’re feeling that murky, dense energy, you can get back into integrity and your clear state of mind with simple mindfulness techniques that pop you into the present.


Connect to Your Surroundings to Return to Clarity Quickly Using Your 5 Senses

  • Sight – Describe 5 blue items you see, or a color of your choice
  • Sound – Describe 4 sounds you hear
  • Taste – Chew a stick of peppermint gum
  • Smell – Smell something that makes you happy, like a candle or fruit 
  • Touch – Hug a loved one or do some jumping jacks

Why is a Clear Frame of Mind Important?

A clear frame of mind is key to confidently creating those daily changes for your future self that are in alignment with your personal essence. It may not be easy to stay in that headspace during these times, but with awareness and mindfulness, you can return. And build your desired future one intentional day at a time. 

Despite how things might feel right now, stuck at home with EVERYONE who needs you, this is actually the perfect time to start planning a new direction and find a pathway for what you REALLY want to do with your one brilliant life.



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