My favorite podcast episodes from mindset and leadership experts

I’m an avoid podcast listener, it’s a quick and easy way for me to learn new tools for my coaching practice and my personal life. I’ve collected my favorite podcast episodes and pulled them together for you right here.

My criteria was simple. These episodes are tangible, actionable, expert advice because all of the podcasts are from the top leaders in the mindset and leadership industry.



And the guide is a living Google Doc, which makes it easy to pick the episode based on the takeaway you desire right now. I created it in Google Docs because I’m consistently adding new episodes that meet my criteria. This is the exact document I share with all my clients. 

Today, I’m excited to share a podcast episode that’s near and dear to my heart by Jenny Blake of Pivot Podcast called “Whose Voice is in Your Head? Perfection Detox Round Two with Petra Kolber.”

This podcast hits all of my #recoveryingperfectionist habits like rumination, self-doubt and unrealistic expectations.

Petra calls herself out on her perfectionist tendencies and how the voice in her head, that devilish inner critic, has stopped her from reaching her bigger goals. Think of your words as energy, if you are telling yourself you can’t–it’s inevitable that you won’t.

My biggest takeaway from this podcast episode was that our ego is very quick to point out the gap of who we are, and who we think we should be.

I call that “shoulding” on yourself. Get it? When you have unrealistic expectations of where you think you should be, and no road map to get you there, it’s likely you are going to fail.

Download the guide now because one of my other top podcast episodes literally gives you a roadmap to build your life strategy, See how nicely that all comes together?

Ping me and let me know what you think, and what your favorite podcast is, I’m always looking for new ideas and techniques to optimize who I am with what I want to create.

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