So you want more influence, income, and impact?

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed to get where you’re at, now it’s time for the ultimate personal and professional expansion.

I’m Lisa Guillot and I want to personally help you using my Clear Vision framework so you can transform your mindset, define your personal brand, and step up as the visionary leader we need.

It's time to find your clear vision.

It’s time to transform.

You’re ready for a future that embodies all of you personally, professionally, and with a dash of soul, and need the support of a professional mindset coach.

You’re ready to design a life that ignites your creativity and relishes in purposeful action toward your legacy and needs expert guidance.

You’re ready to discover your thought leadership and personal brand with style, confidence, and ease and need the framework to make it happen.

You’re ready too:

But You feel stuck in your growth, personally and professionally.

It’s time to reinvent.

Time to drop the confusion, rumination, and procrastination. Time to experience what a fresh perspective and a massive mindset shift can do for you. Together we’ll define what’s getting in your way, get clear on what you want, and get into action.

You’re ready to design a life that ignites your creativity and relishes in purposeful action toward your legacy and needs expert guidance.

Simply put, Lisa is a bright light. Whether you’ve found yourself at a fork in the road, or perhaps the fog has become too thick to navigate through, call in Lisa to help. My experience with her is nothing short of transformational.

Clear Vision University

Join the only program for senior-level professional women who want to lead with an abundant mindset, expanded energy, and the ability to clearly communicate their values through personal branding and thought leadership.

When you’re a client in Clear Vision U, you will experience profound clarity, ease, joy and simplicity – and the ability to live your powerful vision on a daily basis.

"Clear Vision U is an investment of time and energy in myself so that I can create my next chapter and make the most out of this one precious life."

~ Stephanie Posey, Founder of Posey Law Group, LLC

Book me to speak.

I create masterclasses and events for clients like NBCUniversal, AT&T and Nixon Peabody. From concept creation to facilitating, I’m passionate about creating deep insights and powerful conversations with my audience.

“Lisa’s ability to hold space for personal and professional transformation is rich with creativity and strategy. Her Clear Vision framework helped ignite my team and me through deep mindset work and radically uplifting tools to expand what was possible for everyone.”

Download this life-changing chapter of Find Your Clear Vision, for free!

You don’t need to know exactly what your future vision is for your life, leadership, or livelihood. You just need the desire to find your Clear Vision and make it a reality. Then, you can take the first step to create your legacy.

How to Become a Thought Leader: Free Webinar Training

Most people think that being a thought leader requires you to write a book, speak on stage, or have a podcast…

But what you REALLY need to step into your thought leadership is the mindset and confidence that you are an expert and that what you have to say matters.

To help you shake off the imposter syndrome and gain the confidence to emerge as a thought leader, join me for this free workshop on How To Become A Thought Leader.