I help you reignite and reinvent the connection to your highest self and personal brand.

I work with clients to define their clear vision and personal brand to create more life fulfillment, thriving careers, and businesses, by being more of who they are. Would you like to design a future that embodies all of you personally, professionally, and with a dash of soul? That’s what we’ll create together.

What's possible for you

benefits of creative mindset work

What does it mean to be a creative soulful leader? It’s when who you are–mind, body, and soul– is aligned with what you do. Together we’ll release self-doubt, imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis to reinvent your mindset and laser focus on what matters most: being a holistic human.

“Lisa has so much range in the areas she’s tapped into. You’ve got to get your own sh*t together before you can lead or be a visionary. It’s the coming together and falling apart of who you were and who you are becoming that makes working with her so special.”

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Personal branding and thought leadership, created using my signature process, puts you in conversations that light you up, increasing your exposure and income. Together we’ll build your personal brand identity, clarify your message, and impact with confidence and ease.

“It’s one thing to be given advice, and another thing to actually create it and be energized when you do it.”

Meet Lisa Guillot

creative mindset coach and personal branding expert

your creative mindset coach and personal branding expert, Lisa Guillot, PCC

I use a creative approach weaving together my 20 + years of corporate brand strategy with deep soul-filled metaphysical training to expand what’s possible for you, even when you can’t see it for yourself. It’s a superpower that embraces who you are becoming + the interconnected parts that will elevate your mind, body, and soul to create purpose and legacy.

“Lisa is my coach, I know that word is thrown out a lot, which is why I wanted to share. Lisa is a creative leadership coach, a transformational leadership coach, bottom line is that she’s brilliant.”

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I guide clients to design their life and personal brand from the inside out. Book your first coaching session today for a fresh perspective, sound advice, and clear next steps.

“Lisa brings a sixth sense to her sessions. You’re getting a powerhouse when you hire her.”