Magnetic Brand Vision and Style Experience

Tickets now available | October 20-21, Chicago

You’re ready for a future that embodies all of who you are...personally, professionally, and with a dash of soul.

You're ready to transform your mindset and take purposeful action towards your life purpose.

You’re ready to share your thought leadership and personal brand with confidence and need the framework to make it happen.

The Clear Vision Framework sparks a radical transformation in your mindset, solidifies your personal brand, and propels you into becoming the visionary leader we need right now.

It’s time to reinvent.

Time to drop the confusion, rumination, and procrastination. Time to experience what a fresh perspective and a massive mindset shift can do for you. Together we’ll define what’s getting in your way, get clear on what you want, and get into action.

You’re ready to design a life that ignites your creativity and relishes in purposeful action toward your legacy and needs expert guidance.

Simply put, Lisa is a bright light. Whether you’ve found yourself at a fork in the road, or perhaps the fog has become too thick to navigate through, call in Lisa to help. My experience with her is nothing short of transformational.

Download this life-changing chapter of Find Your Clear Vision, for free!

You don’t need to know exactly what your future vision is for your life, leadership, or livelihood. You just need the desire to find your Clear Vision and make it a reality. Then, you can take the first step to create your legacy.