I help senior level leaders get crystal clear on who they are and what they want, personally and professionally.

Reinvent your Mindset Build your Brand Create your Legacy
creative mindset coach and personal branding expert

Meet Lisa Guillot, PCC

Nowhere else will you find a certified transformational leadership coach that helps you revolutionize your mindset and gives you the strategy to build your personal or professional brand.

Typically you’d hire two experts–a life and leadership coach and a brand strategy consultant. With me, you get both.

I bring 20+ years of brand strategy expertise and transformational leadership coaching to help you find your Clear Vision, build your brand and share it with your audience with confidence and ease.

Mindset Transformation

My clients are confident, creative, courageous leaders who trust their intuition. They know how to laser-focus on what matters most to make the biggest impact. They are creative, compassionate, and have more personal energy than they ever thought possible.

Legacy Leadership

My clients increase their influence and income. Many create opportunities to speak on stage. A few have written books and launched podcasts. My clients lead global teams and represent their organizations internationally. All of this is possible because they have defined their legacy they are seen as visionary leaders.

A private call with me

You’ve had career and business success. Now you’re looking to go to the next level and create your:

  • Personal Brand
  • Thought Leadership
  • Personal and Professional Legacy

on your own terms, but you aren’t sure what that looks like or how to get started, this is your opportunity to talk with me for free.

Client Testimonials

“It’s the coming together and falling apart of who you were and who you are becoming that makes working with Lisa so special.”


“Lisa is my coach, I know that word is thrown out a lot. She is a creative leadership coach, a transformational leadership coach, bottom line is she’s brilliant.”


I’ve always been a motivated person, but somehow Lisa has motivated me even beyond the expectations I have for myself.”