I help high-performing leaders, like you, reignite the connection to their highest selves.

Somewhere along the way you’ve lost that inner spark. Maybe you feel disconnected from your work or stuck in what seems to be an impossible situation. Maybe you’re simply ready for a change, no, a transformation, in your business or career. Perfect, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Lisa Guillot. I’m a certified creative mindset coach and personal brand coach for ambitious executives and entrepreneurs who want more creativity, joy, and agency in their lives.

My clients are super clear in their future vision and how to create more life fulfillment, thriving careers, and businesses by being more of who they are.

Intuitive leadership for entrepreneurs

“Lisa brings a sixth sense to our sessions. You’re getting a powerhouse when you hire her.”

“Lisa is my coach, I know that word is thrown out a lot, which is why I wanted to share. Lisa is a creative leadership coach, a transformational leadership coach, bottom line is that she’s brilliant.”

“Lisa coaches people to be a leader in every sense of the word–it’s not a one-dimensional process.”

“I suddenly got 4 potential clients calling this week, totally out of the blue! I feel more motivated these days, making the decision to work with you helped me to get out of the loop and start to move forward again.”

Ready to see what's possible for you?


business confidence

My clients are established founders who are ready to uplevel their business and personal leadership, and executives who are ready to start their dream business. My clients have a clear vision of what they want to create, and how to do it through a blend of inner mindset work + brand and business strategy.


intuitive leadership

My executive clients are at a transition. They desire the inner confidence and energy to uplevel without emotional and mental exhaustion. They’re ready to experience breakthroughs in their leadership which result in increased income, high-level promotions, and a whole lot more joy and fun.

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I’m not your typical life or leadership coach. I guide magnetic and intuitive leaders to design their life & personal brand from the inside out. Join me for an introductory coaching session for a fresh perspective and some sound advice.