Coaching is an investment in you. It’s an investment in who you want to be, what you want to create for yourself in any area of your life, whether that is in your career, business, personal or professional brand, or self-expression, my intention is to help you find your true voice and use it. My life’s commitment is to help you take action to recreate your life with purpose on purpose.

For Life

  • Personal Branding
  • Motivation
  • Self-expression
  • Relationships

For Business

  • Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Branding


If you want to recreate what it means to be successful, get outrageously clear on your life purpose and sing it out to the world, I’m in.  If you are looking for a combo of entrepreneurial spirit, brand and marketing expertise and accredited life and leadership coach training, that’s me too.

Coaching with me means that you are opening yourself up to: 

  • powerful leadership
  • a new relationship to possibility
  • the ability to fully love
  • the ability to choose from your true personal essence
  • the ability to align intentions, thoughts and actions 
  • freedom and forgiveness
  • space for magic, laughter and adventure

What you should know about coaching with me: 

  • it gets uncomfortable on purpose
  • you aren’t perfect, and neither am I, and that’s okay
  • overwhelm isn’t your full time job
  • coaching is not a ‘fix’ or a solution
  • you’ll have breakthroughs
  • you will take action see tangible results
  • we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and it’ll be really awesome

life-coach-testimonial-johanna“Lisa has a way that at one time both supports yet also shakes you up, it’s really fascinating to watch what comes out during our sessions. She is great listener and very insightful but she’s no pushover, which is exactly what you need when you are trying to work changes into your life and or business.” – Johanna L., Award-winning Food and Prop Stylist


EloiseK-NextBites“After nearly five years of pouring my blood, sweat and tears into a startup I founded–and loving *almost* every moment of it–a little over an hour with Lisa revealed it was time to give myself, and my career, permission to evolve. I was gently encouraged to be brave, go deep and identify what my soul was calling me forth to explore.” Eloise K., Founder, Next Bites



Coaching is a surefire structure to set you up to succeed in whatever area of life is important to you.

I don’t do cookie cutter strategies or goals. Your life is a process, not a goal. Sure, we’ll have real strategies with real results for self-care, empowered leadership, or whatever area you want to focus on, but the real work takes place in deep conversation about who you want to be, and what’s most important to you.

Visit my workshop and speaking page to learn more about my workshops, live events and executive team building.


Personal One-on-One Coaching

Most meetings happen on the phone, although I’m more than happy to meet face-to-face if you are in the Chicagoland area. I co-work from the Soho House.

Our sessions generally last an hour or more. To see true results be prepared for at least a 6-month commitment.

During our first few sessions we will create an ontological framework all about you. This starts by deconstructing your life and reframing it with intention, clarity and power.

I have a proven process to reveal your life purpose, personal essence and highest life commitments. I use a blend of brand strategy and personal development tools. You have a choice in your day-to-day life, whether it’s in your business or in your relationships, and choosing from a place of empowerment has an extreme impact in creating the future that you want.

Next we move into crafting future milestones for specific areas you want to create possibilities, ideas and impact in. We develop objectives and actions to help you reach those milestones and then we do the work.

Each session is lead by your intentions and together we look at your objectives, actions and milestones and see how the choices you’re making are starting to manifest the changes that you want in your life, brand and business.

My promise to you. You have my attention, 100% of the time. I’m trained to listen at an extraordinarily deep level and my branding background gives me the super power to visualize your greatness at the highest level. I’m a 100% stand for your greatness. Even if you don’t see it all the time, I do.

Disclaimer We won’t be the right fit until you are ready to invest in yourself, believe in possibility and be open to new ways of thinking. Sound kind of scary and exciting at the same time? It is! If you are ready to start the conversation, let’s connect.


lifecoaching-testimonial-lisah“Lisa is hands-down one of the most effective coaches I have ever encountered. Three months of coaching is all it took for me to change my life into the one I had always strived to create. Through her use of meditation techniques, writing exercises, reading recommendations, and insightful lines of questioning, she is able to expose the the nuggets that are holding you back from your goals. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for an approachable, spiritual, encouraging, bright, and nonjudgmental coach.” – Lisa H., Strategist | Maker | Entrepreneurial Sherpa

searahdeysach-testimonial“I got a lot out of our work together. Coaching is a great solution when you are feeling stuck. Working alone is hard and having someone step in and listen to you and reflect back what is going on can help you see things in a new way. Also having someone that you are accountable to can make all the difference when it comes to getting things done or making a big change.” – Searah Deysach., owner Early to Bed, Ftm Essentials and founder of TransKids

Learn more about how we can work together by contacting me.


It is more important than ever to know your personal commitments, take a stand, and share that with the world. Your voice is so important and needed.

After doing all the DIY methods imaginable: downloadables, Skillshare classes, webinars, Marie Forleo’s B-School, Tony Robbins DVD’s and I can’t even begin to tell you what my self-improvement library looks like, one-on-one personal coaching worked for me and may work for you, too. I have a coach too.

Online courses talk to a crowd; I’m talking to you, tailoring each session and conversation to your needs and requests.

At the end of our time together you are going to have the support structure in place to to be outrageously clear in your purpose and commitments in whatever area of life is most important to you whether that be leadership, self-expression, relationships or your career.

Just imagine the possibilities, it’s truly unreal where we can go together. Connect with me and let’s start exploring together.